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2019-06-21 02:29 53011186 Anonymous Vampire: the Posting - revised edition (7792845d114578eb55a08b8adcc49af9_XL.jpg 1170x779 38kB)
A vampire attacks you in the dark. You don't see its face, just feel the bite on your neck. The creature sucks you dry, and then gives you some of its own blood, thus making you a vampire. The post numbers will show us how the blood transformed you: 01-10 Your blood is very weak. You are an average vampire: active at night, the sun almost instantly kill you and you have to drink human blood to stay alive. That's all. 11-20 You are a bit above of the average vampire. You can crawl up on walls, have twice the strength, dexterity and durability of a human being, the sun burns you, but won't kill you instantly, and your senses are sharper than they were before. 21-30 This kind of a vampire is a mixed bag. You can turn into animals (one type, though), can even communicate with them, but your human form became disfigured (ugly as fuck). Fortunately your senses are better than the average vampire's, so you can easily hunt or evade human beings. Your claws are very sharp, which makes crawling, fighting and digging easier. 31-40 You became an average magic vampire. Blood gives you extra supernatural powers (and not just sustenance), like: weak telepathy and telekinesis, floating, telling information about people, animals or other vamps by tasting their blood, but you're not as durable as other vampires. 41-50 You went batshit crazy by becoming a vamp. Insanity is your second nature, and also your most powerful weapon: you can break down other's mind, making them mad, or just fuck with their emotions and their deepest fears. Your insanity makes you unpredictable, dangerous, but also get you in trouble.

0 min later 53011190 Anonymous (dg3teg.jpg 1920x1184 229kB)
>>53011186 51-60 You are now a dominator vampire. You can control people by talking to them (they need to hear you). You can't make them suicidal, though. Your weakness is magalomania: a constant urge to control everyone around you; it doesn't sound so bad, but mind-control costs blood, thus these urges can fuck your day up if you can't control yourself. 61-70 You became a tough guy vampire. Your strength, durability and dexterity is now far better than they were before. This makes you a great fighter even amongst other vamps. Your weakness is love. If you feel compassion, pity and other nice emotions, your strength slowly goes away, and can even become weak as fuck. 71-80 The blood made you a time sensitive vampire. You sense time and can control it, like: slowing it down or speeding it up around you. Only problem is: sometimes your powers activate without any warning or your control over them, which is confusing and can be maddening (everything around is sloooow, and you can't moooove) 81-90 You are a lucky son of a witch: the blood made you a Vampire Lord, a chad among the immortals. Strong, durable, can hypnotize others and even teleport to short distances. You can even endure sunlight for a short while without burning. Humans and animals obey you easily, but not forever. You are, however, over-neat: some prey looks very delicious, while others disgusting, for no reason. Sometimes this makes feeding very difficult. 91-99 Behold: a shapeshifter vampire! You can now turn into other people, animals and even fog. You can change your voice, mimick animal noises and can turn invisible for a short time. But you became too needy, too social, and can't even exist without human or animal company. This can be bad if the others find you too suspicious, not entirely human... it's not so easy to hide your true nature amongst other living beings.

1 min later 53011198 Anonymous (rs-26927-rectangle.jpg 624x419 42kB)
>>53011186 >>53011190 Dubs: You can become any kind of vampire - one type per night. And you can't choose the same kind twice in a row. Trips: Wait a minute! You are bitten by a werewolf! You can now turn into a big fucking wolfman at night, tear shit apart - even vampires. Your only weakness is that the moon decides your power level. Full moon means full power, new moon means no power. So yeah, being a werewolf is kinda cheating.

3 min later 53011209 Anonymous
>>53011186 Roll for whatever gives vampire gf

4 min later 53011213 Anonymous
>>53011186 rollllllllollllollolollllo

4 min later 53011218 Anonymous
>>53011209 >weakest vampire I shouldn't have expected anything else. Time to walk outside and an hero

4 min later 53011219 Anonymous (47d.2.jpg 437x431 21kB)
>>53011209 Well, that won't. I'm sorry.

5 min later 53011223 Anonymous
>>53011186 why are we rolling characters for vampire the masquerade? oh well give me shapeshifting.

5 min later 53011226 Anonymous
>>53011198 >You can now turn into a big fucking wolfman at night, tear shit apart - even vampires. Dogs are such trash. Rolling for dominatooooorrr!!

6 min later 53011232 Anonymous (1560871286909.gif 400x400 24kB)
Rollan, rollan, rollan. Originalo.

6 min later 53011238 Anonymous
>>53011226 >furfag vampire why even live?

6 min later 53011240 Anonymous
>>53011226 Shit... Well, at least I can turn into a fox or something...

7 min later 53011244 Anonymous
Hoping for Malkavian madness

9 min later 53011259 Anonymous
Rollin my blood suckerinos

9 min later 53011265 Anonymous
>>53011186 cyclamen

10 min later 53011271 Anonymous
>>53011259 Hell ya fuck you all do my bidding bitches

12 min later 53011295 Anonymous

58 min later 53011733 Anonymous
>>53011244 >Malkavian Tremere is also good, no?

59 min later 53011746 Anonymous (478.png 680x680 138kB)
>>53011271 >You can't make them suicidal, though. You are powerless against robots.

59 min later 53011749 Anonymous
>>53011186 rollan orego

1 hours later 53011758 Anonymous (Cz4-zGuXUAA4WvB.jpg 724x720 54kB)
>>53011295 >RAPE TRAIN RAPE TRAIN RAGE RAPE TRAIN More like normie, normie, normie

1 hours later 53011777 Anonymous (fg644eher.png 500x500 107kB)
>>53011749 Malkie, you are full Joker-mode now.

1 hours later 53011838 Anonymous
Rolling for ultimate powah!

1 hours later 53011859 Anonymous (NPC-e1557294036374.jpg 1999x1863 251kB)
>>53011838 all goth chicks now belong to me!

1 hours later 53011880 Anonymous
Roll. I'm going to become araragi, once I'm a vampire I should start meeting all kinds of cute girls.

1 hours later 53011912 Anonymous (1560402895000.jpg 1024x573 63kB)
>>53011186 Okiedokie artichokie. I am ready to be turned.

1 hours later 53011949 Anonymous
>>53011190 >>53011186 ok, rollin for this.

1 hours later 53011974 Anonymous (1559968762535.gif 864x648 818kB)
>>53011912 >Above average vampire Aight, time to get that succy-succy

1 hours later 53011979 Anonymous
>>53011186 I'm going to sleep, it's daytime now.

1 hours later 53011995 Anonymous
>>53011949 I am quite ok with that.

1 hours later 53012005 Anonymous
Alright. Rolling, originally of course...

1 hours later 53012008 54m50n
>>53011186 rolling for Brujah, I am definitely clan leather jacket

1 hours later 53012012 Anonymous (1549622024859.jpg 930x916 72kB)
>>53011979 >Not cheating the system with time-manipulation to learn multiple languages and instruments, becoming a masterful savant.

1 hours later 53012037 Anonymous
>>53011186 originally rolling and hoping I won't be muted

1 hours later 53012052 Anonymous
Imagine being a thin--blood, hahahaha haha ha am I right?

1 hours later 53012066 Anonymous
>>53011186 gayniggersandjewsbringabadnews rollerino

1 hours later 53012105 Anonymous

1 hours later 53012108 Anonymous
I WANNA BE A COOL VAMPIRE!!!!!! ... i guess....

1 hours later 53012206 Anonymous (1529410444414.jpg 1024x762 147kB)
>>53011186 >>53011190 >>53011198 rollinnng gib me stronk vampiuer plox

1 hours later 53012346 Anonymous
>>53011186 Fuck it. I'll roll in the most original way possible

1 hours later 53012415 Anonymous
Leroleroleroleroleroleroleroleroler olerolerolerolero

2 hours later 53012450 Anonymous
>>53011186 Rolling for vam-power.

3 hours later 53012929 Anonymous
>>53011186 >>53011190 >>53011198 Just dont give me some Twilight glitter in the sunlight shit.

3 hours later 53012949 Anonymous (DF473C60-5F2F-4F5D-9340-8B215FC4CA93.jpg 988x988 74kB)
>>53012929 I am not so sure how I feel about that. Guess I will be even more of a ghost than I already am. Or perhaps become the Boogeyman.

3 hours later 53012953 Anonymous (5DF0B27F31F64B5E96B8F07B9609DE23.jpg 1080x1340 272kB)

3 hours later 53012956 Anonymous
>>53011186 Rollerino for Chad.

3 hours later 53012968 Anonymous
>>53012956 OH boy that sounds too much like me. Fuck this thread I'm out

3 hours later 53013019 Anonymous
>>53012956 What is wrong with you? Dom vamp is pretty chad, if you ask me.

3 hours later 53013143 Anonymous
>>53011186 Rolling for Obfuscate

3 hours later 53013167 Anonymous (1560592020228.jpg 255x253 10kB)
>>53013143 >imagine being this Tremere

3 hours later 53013184 Anonymous
>>53011186 rolling for malkavian

4 hours later 53013690 Anonymous
rollin roll rollerino

5 hours later 53014357 Anonymous (1561125819607.jpg 970x545 789kB)
>>53013184 >>53013690 >chad vampires REEEEEEEEEE!!!

5 hours later 53014683 Anonymous
I really wanna live forever, only hatred can fuel long lifespans

6 hours later 53015563 Anonymous
>>53011186 I'm probably gonna be some beta vampire

6 hours later 53015595 Anonymous (Vampire Pepe.jpg 3000x4000 1268kB)
>>53015563 >61-70 >You became a tough guy vampire. Your strength, durability and dexterity is now far better than they were before. This makes you a great fighter even amongst other vamps. Your weakness is love. If you feel compassion, pity and other nice emotions, your strength slowly goes away, and can even become weak as fuck. This is actually great because I've never loved anyone

7 hours later 53015839 Anonymous
Give me power or give me power blood works too

7 hours later 53016006 Anonymous
>>53015595 >I've never loved anyone Who hurt you in an original way?

7 hours later 53016246 Anonymous
>>53011186 But I dont want to be a vampire I want to have a vampire gf

7 hours later 53016263 Anonymous
>>53011186 Just give me cool powers for the love of fuck

7 hours later 53016296 Anonymous
>>53011186 oh joy I might use this next time I play vampire the masquerade

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