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2019-06-21 02:25 53011154 Anonymous (1560226108426.png 290x290 176kB)
Some people don't deserve to live. Thoughts on this?

2 min later 53011175 Anonymous
I think you're right and I think Anglos don't deserve to live.

2 min later 53011176 A
Are there any people who deserve to live? What does deserving even mean?

2 min later 53011177 Anonymous
Who are these "some people"?

13 min later 53011266 Anonymous (1548094448176.gif 630x346 1838kB)
>>53011154 Thoughts on what retard. Your opinion is milquetoast and nothing uncommon

37 min later 53011497 Anonymous
Normalfags don't deserve anything They've been handed a comfortable life while those who work their fingers to the Bone are left out to rot in poverty

40 min later 53011521 Anonymous
Yes I think the world would have generally been better off if I wasn't born.

2 hours later 53012496 Anonymous
You make it sound like life is a prize or gift.

2 hours later 53012551 Anonymous
>>53011154 most people don't deserve to live reality doesn't share our concept of "deserve"

2 hours later 53012561 Anonymous
>>53011154 no, some poeple wern't meant to live.

2 hours later 53012652 Anonymous (bone think.png 683x622 462kB)
>>53011154 I think everyone deserves a chance to live, not in a religious "test from god" sort of way, but I think that life has no value in and of itself, thus life's purpose is to create value. I do think that some people weren't built to live, like legitimate retards or the people who browse this board. I like these types of posts: a statement and an offering to ponder. That's the real reason why I come to this board, to think, get outta here with your incel shit.

2 hours later 53012788 Anonymous
>>53011154 I agree because I am one of those people.

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