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2019-06-21 02:19 53011107 Anonymous (1469547207397.gif 395x313 2091kB)
>your age >your job >your salary

3 min later 53011136 Anonymous
>>53011107 >your age 23 >your job NEET >your salary 0

16 min later 53011236 Anonymous
33 editor $30k/y

17 min later 53011247 Anonymous
>>53011107 >your age 22 >your job NEET >your salary 0$

37 min later 53011447 Anonymous
26 social work supervisor 41k annual (median income in my area for men of similar age is like 19k)

38 min later 53011454 Anonymous
25 mcdonalds headchef fluctuates

1 hours later 53011862 Anonymous
29 Electrician $32/hr

1 hours later 53011875 Anonymous
>>53011447 Do you have a master's in social work? My sister just graduated with one and I'm curious what she will make.

1 hours later 53011884 Anonymous
>>53011107 >27 >$120-160/hour

1 hours later 53011897 Anonymous
>32 >general surgeon >C$220/hr

1 hours later 53011921 Anonymous
>>53011107 21 IT 53k wish i were making more desu

1 hours later 53011969 Anonymous
>>53011107 27 tech support 33k/yr in a low cost of living area currently underpaid (qualified for system administrator jobs but didn't take them since im moving soon) but they let me work from home. im literally stoned at my desk with my work PC on two monitors and my personal PC on another. i just shitpost and smoke weed and play minecraft while taking a call every 3-20 minutes from some old person who can't get their PC to turn on. im willing to be underpaid if im allowed to underperform to this level (and im still producing the best numbers out of like 30 people on my team lol).

1 hours later 53012011 Anonymous
>your age 25, two months shy of 26. >your job Full-time graduate student. Also work online for a law firm and do occasional consulting for a logistics company >your salary $1500 or so per month. It's not a lot, but most of my research is in third-world countries. I also travel extensively on my university breaks. Since I've managed to avoid non-student debt (paid off all my cars and vehicle before I finished undergrad), the amount I earn is actually more than sufficient to take long-ass trips overseas to South Asia, South America, etc.

1 hours later 53012097 Anonymous
still waiting for that dude that makes six figures, didn't go to college, and works an hour a day maximum

1 hours later 53012106 Anonymous
>your age 23 >your job NEET >your salary 6000 GBP NEETBUX GANG RISE UP

1 hours later 53012129 Anonymous
>>53012097 i dont make six figures but i didnt even do middle school, have no GED/diploma, just say "yes" when they ask me, and have coasted by so far with pretty decent prospects of advancement

1 hours later 53012148 Anonymous
>>53011107 24 Software engineer 130k

1 hours later 53012197 Anonymous
>>53012148 Is that enough to buy a rolls royce in a few years and still be well off?

1 hours later 53012207 Anonymous

1 hours later 53012257 Anonymous
>>53012197 if you live frugal for a few years and invest some of your salary early on, it will grow over time wait on the rolls royce for a few years

3 hours later 53012985 Anonymous
>>53012197 No because I live in San Francisco and pay $3k a month to rent an apartment I'm just going to save for maybe 10 years and then move to the midwest and buy a house

3 hours later 53013014 K
>>53011107 >your age classified information >your job classified information >your salary classified information K.

3 hours later 53013033 Anonymous
>>53011897 do you see naked girls bodies?

3 hours later 53013141 Anonymous
21 Surveyor $33/hr Living the best life I could possibly have. Thank God my dad pushed me to take this job. All I have to deal with is pretty much a bit of heat or cold but that's all.

3 hours later 53013219 Anonymous
>>53011107 >22 >NEET >200 NEETbux/mo

3 hours later 53013240 Anonymous (687A7A75-B0E9-43FE-94C2-A258718F82E6.jpg 717x717 47kB)
>>53011107 20 (21 in 4 days) Grocery store stocker Maybe 10k a year? I am only part time right now and barely getting by renting a room

3 hours later 53013241 Anonymous
>>53012097 I remember that guy, I think. Didn't he "work" for a wind turbine company?

4 hours later 53013357 Anonymous (A09BADD5-AC71-4FE4-8870-1AC80013350B.jpg 1024x768 106kB)
Age >30 Job >work at a plastic bottle plant Salary >44 k a year

4 hours later 53013378 Anonymous
>>53011107 19, gas station, about 400 per week give or take

5 hours later 53014184 Anonymous
>>53013378 Thats good for a gas station

5 hours later 53014254 Anonymous
>21 >student >scholarship money like 120$ per month

5 hours later 53014281 Anonymous (1555380324737.jpg 640x481 39kB)
>23 >Trainer at a large transit agency >15.11/hr 'bout to get a raise. Hopefully moving to full time soon and run this shitty training department.

5 hours later 53014290 Anonymous (1560868386101.png 640x900 158kB)
>>53011107 >your age 20 >your job stock clerk >your salary minimal wage

5 hours later 53014326 Anonymous
27 warehouse wagie for Bezos $15/hour I want to die

5 hours later 53014590 Anonymous
28 Control Systems Engineer 75k a year

5 hours later 53014622 Anonymous
>>53014326 I earn the same but I live in Chile, and that's some decent money here, god I want to leave this shithole, even if you can live nicely here, when you travel you will have less money than the other tourists, and technology costs about the same everywhere.

5 hours later 53014712 Anonymous
>21 >apprentice electrician >33k Career is looking bright boys, bosses are very impressed with me

6 hours later 53015001 Anonymous (4545A733-B6F1-4A50-909B-E8E9F6EB1715.jpg 673x558 272kB)
>>53011107 >23 >Night shift IT >$20/hour

6 hours later 53015457 Anonymous
>>53011107 >22 >IT >12k

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