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2019-06-21 02:12 53011047 Anonymous (begone thot.jpg 500x500 43kB)
if you hate: >autistic people >incels >school shooter idolizers >sensitive people >women with BPD >virgins >NEETs then why dont you just leave?

0 min later 53011051 Anonymous
>>53011047 Cause this isn't their safe space.

2 min later 53011060 Anonymous
>>53011051 look who came here in 2016...

4 min later 53011086 Anonymous (1553766758131.gif 480x360 1810kB)
>>53011047 >then why dont you just leave? No one can leave this place

5 min later 53011095 Anonymous
>>53011060 >immediately jumps to "you newfag" defense It's pointless to pretend this is 2003 4chan.

6 min later 53011108 Anonymous
>>53011086 yes you can pretty much all the originalfags and oldfags who grew up and got families and so can you the whole "once a 4channer always a 4channer" narrative is BULLSHIT. This site has little to no dopaminergic value and is the internet equivalent of wading through oceans of shit in order to find tiny specs of gold

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