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2019-06-21 02:11 53011033 Anonymous (1541078301736.png 1080x1128 1086kB)
White men/women will always be superior. Minorities and mixed people will always stay pressed. If you have a strong liking for other races you're retarded. Don't bother changing my mind

0 min later 53011041 Anonymous
Why do i have the impression that you are a virgin

7 min later 53011100 Anonymous
>>53011041 You're wrong. I'm just trying to save what's left in this world.

16 min later 53011173 Anonymous
>>53011033 >mixed people just call them mutts faggot

57 min later 53011566 Anonymous (1498399897001.jpg 1244x830 319kB)
It's unfortunately the truth. Whites are the master race while slave jobs are dedicated to the lesser races. Even if you are aggressive lower class you will always be working for the whitey and their benefit, because you're too stupid to manage complicated system that could work longterm. USA is good example of this where lower class whites get fucked over while the smarter whites play the long game and just assume dominance, even if the dumb niggers become majority they can't govern themselves.

2 hours later 53012277 Anonymous
Bait but true. Every race knows this, maybe some refuse to acknowledge this but they all secretly want to be white. I kind of don't like being white because I'm always held up to a higher standard especially around my Muslim friends, they treat me like I am magically better than them at everything even when I'm not really.

2 hours later 53012298 Anonymous
holy shit i need to leave this place

2 hours later 53012341 Anonymous
>>53011033 This but I love brown women

2 hours later 53012546 Anonymous
>>53012341 Why fellow anon

4 hours later 53013189 Anonymous
>>53011033 >Being hapa >Heterosis > being pure

4 hours later 53013213 Anonymous
anyone else not mad at op?

4 hours later 53013220 Anonymous
>>53013213 Why would you be mad at OP it's 4 chan

4 hours later 53013233 Anonymous
>>53013220 cus op wants non whites to be upset. but im just like "well i suppose this is a first step". will chad and stacey get back together?

4 hours later 53013263 Anonymous
>>53013233 OP has a point tho, though it's expressed poorly

4 hours later 53013300 Anonymous
>>53013263 it doesnt feel like a point, more like a smooth surface

4 hours later 53013356 Anonymous
>>53011033 Asian people will probably kill a bunch of the whites in this world in the near future

4 hours later 53013362 Anonymous
>>53013356 t. delusional airfag

4 hours later 53013377 Anonymous
>>53013356 Please explain because this sounds ridiculous

4 hours later 53013394 Anonymous
>>53013377 its easy - hes an aircel shitposting without remorse because big brother protects him. which makes him a humongous fagget

4 hours later 53013494 Rugga (C341463F-BFB8-43B5-938D-A7692DBA13B6.png 704x716 417kB)
If white men are superior, how come your women are fucking us black men instead of you? How come many white men call me up to fuck their wife/girlfriend?

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