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2019-06-21 01:57 53010928 Anonymous (1540848104328.jpg 840x552 122kB)
>emotional bf keeps getting jealous of sexual bf

1 min later 53010940 Anonymous
I know this is just a meme but roasties actually do this in real life sad times we live in

2 min later 53010945 A
>>53010928 Very based and redpilled indeed

4 min later 53010954 Anonymous
>>53010940 The emotional bf irl is not a bf, just an ugly friend

5 min later 53010968 Anonymous (9sxD.jpg 944x1000 64kB)
>>53010928 Ok, let's see where this thread is going

5 min later 53010969 Anonymous
>>53010928 In an era of 4k the baits keep loosing quality I guess I'm growing up old for this website

17 min later 53011061 Anonymous (1552556575391.jpg 900x900 65kB)
>>53010954 no, he is there to talk about feelings and hear about my day, problems with friends and stuff like that. he keeps throwing a fit whenever i mention sexual bf?? he literally agreed to the arrangement.

22 min later 53011114 Anonymous (1552737024019.jpg 1024x904 103kB)
>practice gf keeps getting jealous of real gf

29 min later 53011165 Anonymous
>>53011061 ok i have an easy solution for this predicament, maybe don't talk about the sexual bf in front of the emotional one, and the proble is solved

44 min later 53011298 Anonymous
>>53011165 >don't talk about your emotions with your emotional bf Fucking stupid, sexist advice. Emotions shouldn't be suppressed, only males who believe in psychologically harmful and sexist stereotypes and traditions believe that.

52 min later 53011382 Anonymous
>>53011114 >wife and side hoe keeps getting jealous of my mistress

54 min later 53011401 Anonymous
>>53011298 Only women would believe they are in the good for having 2 boyfriends

1 hours later 53011487 Anonymous
>>53011401 Only a sexist would think it's inherently bad for a woman to have two boyfriends even though all three people consented to the situation.

1 hours later 53011504 Anonymous
>>53010928 Come to Odessa Texas and be my hotwife GF. I make 140k as a drilling engineer at Halliburton and you can spend it all on dates with your various sexual boyfriends.

1 hours later 53011516 Anonymous (1549019990288.png 560x560 197kB)
>>53011114 incels get out >>53011165 he is my emotional bf and my sexual bf makes me have emotions i need to talk about. i love them both but my emotional bf is getting borderline abusive over this. im just not interested in him sexually but i do love him.

1 hours later 53011585 Anonymous
>>53011516 >im just not interested in him sexually but i do love him. What makes you like each of them for what they provide, and what makes you not interested in what they don't provide to you? (sex vs emotions).

1 hours later 53011594 Anonymous
>>53011516 larpers get out

1 hours later 53011625 Anonymous
>>53011516 >>53011585 please respond, m'lady.

1 hours later 53011694 Anonymous
I got to give it to you OP, I know your thread is bait but it worked an angered me. None of these other types of threads do.

1 hours later 53011751 Anonymous
>>53010928 I did this too OP and my god the drama it creates. So. I never talk about sex with my emotional guy (even if I am having sex with him too). Ever. I never talk about emotions with a guys I have sex with. Doesn't matter if you are in a "relationship" or not. Just don't do it.

1 hours later 53011909 Anonymous
>>53010928 Pick one and drop the other. Anything else is just being selfishly cruel.

1 hours later 53011924 Anonymous
You need to remind him of the rules, that's all. If he's a good bf he'll understand and apologize for making you uncomfortable

1 hours later 53012001 Anonymous
>>53011909 Not OP but both guys get what they say they want right?

1 hours later 53012032 Anonymous
>>53010940 >sad times we live in they've literally done this all throughout history. it's literally a woman's imperative. come on son

1 hours later 53012036 Anonymous
>>53011061 do you have sex with the emotional one? that could fix everything

1 hours later 53012058 Anonymous
>>53012036 >that could fix everything oh no it won't, they get real clingy and possessive and angry all the time

2 hours later 53012229 Anonymous
>>53011487 maybe stop calling him boyfriend as he is just a fucking friend you talk too... when he cant stand you fucking around maybe you could tell him the posaibilty to leave as this is probably the best for him. he's in there to fuck you in first place...

2 hours later 53012245 Anonymous
>>53010928 give up that pussy femanon

2 hours later 53012378 Anonymous
>>53011516 Should have given him a fucking chance Your loss. You will push him to do something stupid You goddamn whore

2 hours later 53012460 Anonymous (38670921_1594238670686964_5381361973394931712_n.jpg 233x210 4kB)
Any man who clearly has a crush on you but says he's okay with never doing anything sexual with you is a fucking liar. All emotional support comes with a price, unfortunately. Men are incapable of loving someone unselfishly because they will always think of their own needs as the most important, even just subconsciously. If you give him everything he wants, he might sometimes think of you nicely. Maybe.

2 hours later 53012643 Anonymous (1542040762124.png 225x225 7kB)
>>53011924 i've tried to remind him that he agreed to this arrangement and he threw a fit. >>53012036 no, i'm not really into him sexually, but he is a good guy that has helped me through alot. i have thought about it, but what this anon said: >>53012058 >>53012229 he agreed to being my emotional bf.

2 hours later 53012669 Anonymous
>>53012058 >>53012643 then cut the relatioship with him, poor guy is sexually frustated

2 hours later 53012700 Anonymous
>>53012643 After he beats the shit out of you, I'm sure you'll start fucking him, cause you're a female and literally born clinically retarded.

2 hours later 53012713 Anonymous
>>53012669 its not my fault he is sexually frustrated. he can go out and sex anyone but me

2 hours later 53012720 Anonymous (dude.gif 500x400 1011kB)
>>53010928 wowza! bazonkers!

2 hours later 53012721 Anonymous (1560529150387.png 464x401 135kB)
>>53010928 >tinder hoe tells me she loves me when im slamming her from behind time to ghost another girl

3 hours later 53012744 Anonymous
>>53012643 If he threw a fit you need to discipline him or just leave him, he needs to know that such behavior won't be tolerated. He should be grateful that you give him the time of the day and start acting accordingly

3 hours later 53012772 Anonymous
What's even the point of an emotional bf? Isn't that just the "gay friend"?

3 hours later 53012892 Anonymous
>>53012713 are you sure? you know escorts are a thing

3 hours later 53012906 Anonymous
emotional bf here. boutta hire a nice escort

4 hours later 53013018 Anonymous
>>53011504 Only good post in the thread thanks Odessabro

4 hours later 53013253 Anonymous
i DARE you to make me jealous, emotional gf. go on, spend time with your sexual bf lets see where i go.

4 hours later 53013396 Anonymous
Holy fucking shit, this troll thread is touching nerve. How do I tell my LDR girl to not fuck other guys? Every time I think about her getting fucked I want to die so bad.

4 hours later 53013569 Anonymous
>>53010928 Why Not Turn the Card? Fuck with emotional Bf and Turn Chad Inta beta

4 hours later 53013624 Anonymous
fuck that. do you think that you can play me? i DARE you , TRIPLE DARE you to go see your sexual bf, lets see where i go.

4 hours later 53013672 Anonymous (1555966405284.png 422x507 405kB)
>>53013396 LDR is another word for emotional bf, sorry anon.

5 hours later 53014063 Anonymous (146921548363.png 609x749 17kB)
>>53010928 >emotional bf keeps getting jealous of sexual bf iktf...

5 hours later 53014479 Anonymous
>>53010928 Why don't women who think like this don't give their beta friends like a blowjob a month, just to keep them happy? I'd finger an ugly female friend of mine if she couldn't get any action

6 hours later 53014525 Anonymous
>>53013396 >LDR just mail yourself to her https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-qk M7Tp3IvY

6 hours later 53014598 Anonymous
>>53012032 It's not women's fault they have a dualistic mating strategy. In the old days women fucked caveman Chad but because he would be an extremely violent warrior type and aggressive he couldn't be trusted around their offspring. As a result they needed loving caring caveman betabux to help take care of the kid.

6 hours later 53014678 Anonymous
Give emotional bf a spanking, that will make him stop bitching.

6 hours later 53015052 Anonymous
>>53012772 No silly, is that what guys think? My gay friends I go shopping with and to the club to dance if I don't want to be bothered by other guys and my gay friends always want to talk about that cute guy and that cute guy, never about me.

6 hours later 53015068 Anonymous
>>53013018 Odessa bro is a psychopath and we know it. Any girl foolish to bite and go there will never be heard from again.

6 hours later 53015087 Anonymous
>>53012892 Yes and I don't care who he gets it from and if he pays or not. All I'm saying is its not my fault if hes sexually frustrated because I won't have sex with him.

6 hours later 53015133 Anonymous
>>53014479 first, yuck and second if you do anything with them they become really possessive and won't let you out of their sight and it ruins the friendship. They assume I'm their gf then.

6 hours later 53015141 Anonymous
>>53015052 then wtf is an emotional bf then?

6 hours later 53015162 Anonymous
>>53015133 You're manipulating him. This is the definition of unpaid emotional labor.

6 hours later 53015164 Anonymous
>>53015068 It's that higgus guy, pathetic and everything sure but at least he doesn't avatarfag, I'll give him that

6 hours later 53015174 Anonymous
>>53010928 >emotional bf, sexual bf, dinner bf and plumber bf have been under-performing and not coming to the bf dinner parties Looks like it's time for some layoffs.

6 hours later 53015213 Anonymous
>>53012643 Don't worry, he'll eventually catch onto your game and can look forward to a hollow, empty existence of hate-filled generalist misogyny

6 hours later 53015243 Anonymous
>>53015141 a guy that listens and comforts me without getting sex for his patience and empathy. See you know they are truly patient and empathic when they know there isn't any sex. Otherwise I know they aren't sincere.

6 hours later 53015259 Anonymous
>>53015162 First, I'm not OP but understand her situation perfectly. I'm not promising him anything or even giving him hope of sex, in fact make it clear that nor a romantic relationship won't happen

6 hours later 53015268 Anonymous
>>53015243 Yeah, once you're old enough they will give up on you though. This shit doesn't really fly when they don't find you hot anymore.

6 hours later 53015280 Anonymous
>>53015259 autist male still thinks if he is nice he is going to get some. Crying once they realize it's not working.

7 hours later 53015300 Anonymous
>>53015243 So it's a one way relationship with a cuck? You don't care about his feeling or needs, you just want his attention

7 hours later 53015303 Anonymous
>>53015268 I doubt that but lets say they don't some other guy will. Easily From what I've seen its the girls that marry and have kids that get plump and that won't be me.

7 hours later 53015305 Anonymous
>>53015259 You're leading him on, and using him. Just because you're clear with him about your intentions doesn't mean that you're not being irresponsible by still continuing the relationship. If it's clear that he wants to have a sexual relationship and you don't, leave him.

7 hours later 53015332 Anonymous
>>53015280 They aren't autistic but they do have problems processing the words "IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN" To them it means one day it will.

7 hours later 53015335 Anonymous
>>53015243 You want to drain a guy emotionally and squeeze every ounce of emotional labor from him without giving him anything in return. And you know that he's only doing it in the hopes that one day you'll fall in love with him. You're a literal thief.

7 hours later 53015357 Anonymous
I have to admit this bait/troll is making my blood boil

7 hours later 53015360 Anonymous
>>53015300 How can he be a cuckold when we aren't in a romantic sexual relationship? He's free to sow his seed anywhere but in or on me.

7 hours later 53015366 Anonymous (1560651222756.jpg 1024x1024 62kB)
>>53010928 give him that pussy femanon!

7 hours later 53015381 Anonymous
>>53015305 >he wants to have a sexual relationship Well you just included every straight man on the planet and that ridiculous to tell me I cannot be friends with every straight man on the planet.

7 hours later 53015387 Anonymous
>>53015303 Don't fool yourself. Girls that don't settle down and find someone early enough lose the fuck out later in life. Even if you're skinny and successful, I have seen so many women grow up and then get pissed when guys there age only want young girls (who are interested in older guys). >>53015332 They act like autists. Not understanding that women are using them and aren't playing some game they can play nice and get rewarded later. At that point it's like a women manipulating a mentality stunted male who needs a mother to give him a treat but he throws a tantrum when mom doesn't give him anything for being nice.

7 hours later 53015409 Anonymous
>>53015360 >? He's free to sow his seed anywhere but in or on me. What if he's not able to? You're all he he has and you claim to be in a emotional relationship with him but you don't care about the emotions he feels when he's not able to get laid. You're not being a very good gf to him

7 hours later 53015422 Anonymous
>>53015335 Drain him, oh please stop the melodrama. They comes to me and asks so I tell and I cook dinner for them sometimes as a thank you or we go to the theater of something. Not a date though. Friends

7 hours later 53015424 Anonymous
how big is sexual bf's cock? post pics if you have them

7 hours later 53015445 Anonymous
Why are people here struggling with the fact he agreed to no sex? He has no right to be jealous or angry

7 hours later 53015465 Anonymous
>>53015445 Because even though he agreed, he isn't having trouble grasping the mental gymnastic is takes to be in that kind of relationship. Agreeing or not, he doesn't like it. lmao

7 hours later 53015533 Anonymous (1560585560126.jpg 712x472 41kB)
>>53010940 I think im actually in one of these relationships right now. I dont't know if she's cheating on me but its painfully obvious. Call me a cuck, but I just cant make myself leave her. Shes literally the only other person i interact with. God im fucking lonely

7 hours later 53015544 Anonymous
>>53015387 And I've seen just as many successful women in their mid to late 30's have so many romantic options they can't decide on one. Look, there have been times I got into a relationship and my friend flips out and keeps calling me as if I was still single and available to chat and then I'm forced to cut them completely off. Its not my fault they live in a fantasy land when I never, not once, offered or acted like our friendship was really a courtship. I don't believe they are autistic or even stupid because they know what they are doing, playing some fantasy long game, but I do think they are flat stubborn.

7 hours later 53015554 Anonymous
>>53015381 OP didn't describe a friend. She wants a boyfriend without the sex. That's something entirely different.

7 hours later 53015562 Anonymous
>>53015445 He lied in hopes of changing your mind about these rules. He might genuinely care about you and your problems but at the end of the day straight men don't engage in such types of relationships without sex also going through their mind. Just because he wants to fuck doesn't mean he cares any less about you

7 hours later 53015575 Anonymous
>>53015409 Unlike OP I don't allow sex talk with a straight male friend. I won't listen to his nor do I offer mine. In fact if we are watching a movie and there is a sex scene I get up and go to the bathroom.

7 hours later 53015584 Anonymous
>>53015544 Then you realize that they are stubborn but you still keep them hooked. Seems like you need to stop playing the game and let them go. Just get a fuck boyfriend who can actually do more than use you as a cum bucket.

7 hours later 53015586 Anonymous
>>53015575 See >>53015554 We're not talking about friends here

7 hours later 53015589 Anonymous
>>53015422 This >>53015533 is the sort of men you're taking advantage of. He's probably extremely lonely and is going out with you on the 0.1% chance that you'll realize that you actually love him and want to date him. You know this too, and you're taking advantage of his loneliness for your own emotional needs.

7 hours later 53015593 Anonymous
>>53015424 >post pics if you have them No

7 hours later 53015625 Anonymous
>>53015584 I have guys that I'm sexually compatible with and enjoy each others company. Just last weekend went away with one of them and had a great time. Not a bf though.

7 hours later 53015662 Anonymous
>>53015589 dude come on man. Also im pretty sure she only "loves me" because of my dick. I dont even have an ego so my dicksize is literally the only thing i can be somewhat proud of. Thats what she seems proud of too

7 hours later 53015666 Anonymous
>>53015589 Do you socialize at all or know more than your parents? Not every guy friend lives in isolation but they have careers and friends and even go on dates with women. I don't want some guy who'll cling and never shake off.

7 hours later 53015681 Anonymous
>>53015625 Yeah, they are called fuck buddies. Every young girl in college can find one.

7 hours later 53015684 Anonymous
>>53015666 Shut the fuck up woman. Piece of shit female. Fuck you

7 hours later 53015721 Anonymous
>>53015684 No. I'm not a piece or a whole mile of shit. And NO. I guessed correctly I gather.

7 hours later 53015743 Anonymous
>I'm a girl's emotional and sexual bf simultaneously

7 hours later 53015746 Anonymous
>>53015721 Im not even the guy you replied to

7 hours later 53015765 Anonymous
>>53015743 >this it fucking hurts bro

7 hours later 53015795 Anonymous
>>53015765 How does it hurt to be in a normal relationship?

7 hours later 53015800 Anonymous
>>53015746 So there are two of you exactly the same. No surprise

7 hours later 53015823 Anonymous
>>53015800 If you don't post tits your mother will die in her sleep you fucking tranny larper. If you do confirm you're a female I'll chop off my dick tonight

7 hours later 53015845 Anonymous
>>53015795 The fact that she's only with me because of my dick and the ability to talk to me about her problems. Other than that she's completely uninterested in me and doesn't care about my problems

7 hours later 53015889 Anonymous
>>53015845 None of them care about you. In fact societies don't give a shit about what guys go through so stop complaining, you're getting pussy faggot

7 hours later 53015995 Anonymous
>>53015666 We're not talking about male friends, we're talking about friendzoned men who clearly want to date the women they're friends with and those women know this. And every study shows that even normie men have a paucity of friends.

7 hours later 53016147 Anonymous (QPf9inC.jpg 1654x2339 791kB)
>>53015889 I just wish someone would care for me. Thats all

7 hours later 53016152 Anonymous
This thread makes me feel very very sad

8 hours later 53016261 Anonymous
>>53016152 it just reminds me why interacting with women would be a mistake

8 hours later 53016284 Anonymous
Reminder that if you're close friends with a boy who wants to be more than friends, and you don't cut off communications but use him as an emotional tampon instead, then you're a terrible human being.

8 hours later 53016664 Anonymous
>>53012643 you're taking advantage of a lonely loser, just end it if you respect him 1%.

8 hours later 53016771 Anonymous
>>53016284 Reminder if you swear you are only interested in a woman as a friend but are indeed lying you are a terrible human being. If you swear you are interested in a relationship with a woman but indeed lying and only wanting to have sex you are a terrible human being. That about covers all men.

8 hours later 53016852 Anonymous
>>53015823 I have never posted any part of my unclad body on the internet and will not start now. The tranny reference does not apply so if you want direction I know there are many threads that transexual men are all too willing to show themselves including their genitals and hormone boobs. And thats a nasty wish, for someones mother to die. I lost mine when I was 11 and would never wish that on anyone. Have a happy life anon.

8 hours later 53016885 Anonymous
>>53015995 Of course I know if they ask but when I tell them no and withdraw they all tell me no problem lets remain friends. Are you telling me they lie to my face?

8 hours later 53016887 Anonymous
>>53016771 Just because all men want sex, which is a fact, doesn't mean it's the only reason they want to be with you. He might genuinely care about you and all your problems and want to help you out, so why not return the favor and help him out on his uncontrollable urges. Don't you care about him?

8 hours later 53016921 Anonymous
>>53016852 Do you realize where you are right now? Goddamn summerfags

8 hours later 53016945 Anonymous
>>53016887 Return the favor? So men are doing me a favor when they are nice to me and therefore deserve sex? NEVER, good god men are horrid.

8 hours later 53017000 Anonymous
>>53010928 While I know this is a larp it still pains me to read it. Stop posting shit like this anon.

8 hours later 53017003 Anonymous
>>53016945 Yes, it is a favor, otherwise you should go to a psychologist to talk about your feelings.

9 hours later 53017253 Anonymous
I'm sure this has already been said but does your emotional bf expect sex? Have you conveyed to him that you have no interest in having sex with him? If you have then he's kind of the one that's being a little bitch about things. If he's not okay with being your "emotional bf" and is jealous of you having an exclusive sexual bf then why the fuck would he bother i don't understand.

9 hours later 53017860 Anonymous
>>53010940 I can confirm this. The worst part is, being a sex bf (side dude), your feelings get hurt, too.

10 hours later 53018743 Anonymous
>>53010940 >>53015533 My situation is slightly different, but I swear when I think about he and she together I feel physical pain. If I was there I could've at least tell her to stop it or gave her an ultimatum, but we live far and I'd feel bad telling her not to be happy with him. It's stupid to demand chastity just because I'm not gonna find anyone to fuck here (not that I actually want it... I want her) .

10 hours later 53018790 Anonymous
>>53017860 Impossible. I think it nothing more than a bruised ego since you want a girl to want you so you can do the leaving but if she doesn't care you don't get your ego boost. I know lots of guys just like you and you get all pissed off and bitch about being used. Ha

11 hours later 53019230 Anonymous (1543188441854.png 466x512 126kB)

11 hours later 53019361 Anonymous (1415161122193.jpg 125x92 2kB)
>>53010928 You are mentally and emotionally abusing an unstable and desperate man, please stop. Yes he agreed to the arrangement but he only did that because of his sheer loneliness and desperation, there's no other reason a man would do this and it's absolutely damaging and unhealthy. As a woman you may not have realized this, and I'm not shaming you for taking it this far, but if you continue it after reading this you are definitely a terrible person. You are hurting him very much and someday you will get fed up with him and leave and it won't be your problem anymore but he will have to deal with the lasting effects of this for years. You are hurting someone a lot. Please stop. This is not healthy.

12 hours later 53019849 Anonymous
>>53019361 This so much, I feel so much for that guys if this is true

12 hours later 53020308 Anonymous (1561076178862.gif 838x890 405kB)
>>53019361 but why tho? he agreed to it.

12 hours later 53020313 Anonymous
tfw emotional bf called himself "the boyfriend"

12 hours later 53020357 Chadbot
>>53018790 >I know guys just like you >based on a 19 word post Fuck off

13 hours later 53020498 Literally_Pooping
>>53018790 Nah, being nothing more than a perpetual hookup is empty. I guess it's like how a dumb chick feels all the time, no one cares what they think (because stupid) they're there for the eye candy.

13 hours later 53020587 Anonymous
>>53020498 Why am I seeing this kinda shit more lately ever since me and my fwb stopped talking. I watched a podcast about this guy, he was 29 year old virgin. He was complaining because he told this story about how this girl recently took his e-card and he regretted it because she wasn't the right girl or whatever. Like it wasn't special. This opinion felt bizarre to me because i figured any dude like him would be bragging and begging for seconds. But nah. He legit wants a girlfriend. When i had a girlfriend all i kept thinking about was just how bad i wanted casual sex. Even with her, it was mostly sex. I don't know why I'm like this but sleeping around doesn't bother me. I still get emotional though about my own feelings and shit.

13 hours later 53020598 Anonymous
>>53020587 *v-card

13 hours later 53020817 Anonymous
>>53010928 Ugh just leave the guy alone for fuck's sake.

13 hours later 53020840 Anonymous
What can I do to be a qt emotional bf?

13 hours later 53020909 Anonymous
>>53015068 You're just jealous that you're not even one billionth part as based as him. I bet you don't even make six figures. Eat a dick.

13 hours later 53020941 Anonymous
>>53016887 >He might genuinely care about you Can some men relay what men actually do for you when they genuinely care about you and don't just want you for your pussy, even if that's part of it? I genuinely can't tell if a man really likes me or just wants to pump and dump me.

13 hours later 53021001 Anonymous (1387514062243.jpg 500x651 73kB)
ITT: bowlfuls of red pills being painfully swallowed

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