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2019-06-21 01:43 53010819 Anonymous (sgrg.jpg 552x389 45kB)
So what's up with modern guys? Reading posts here most of you aren't really interested in an equal give and take relationship. It's sounds more like you want a mother figure you can fuck. Isn't that kind of horrible of you?

11 min later 53010913 Anonymous
If you think r9k is representative of the average modern man, I recommend that you do not reproduce.

29 min later 53011048 Anonymous
>>53010819 >Isn't that kind of horrible of you? Why is that horrible? Maybe if you get into a relationship without being honest about your desires and then expect the other person to conform to them, but not otherwise.

32 min later 53011075 Anonymous
From your smoothbrain, twitter addicted "leftist" perspective you're spreading toxic masculinity by expecting men to take the lead in the relationship and avoid emotional vulnerability.

34 min later 53011096 Anonymous
>>53010819 >It's sounds more like you want a mother figure you can fuck. This board is full of trannies, faggots and femdomfags, doesn't surprise me.

35 min later 53011104 Anonymous
>>53010819 I'm not the demographic you're talking about but nonetheless, I haven't experienced a genuine and balanced relationship in a long time. I think I am just too intense, I turn women off by being cerebral or too emotional when they just want to turn their brains off and watch shows or something. I don't know. I want to be on equal footing with someone but it just doesn't happen.

36 min later 53011113 Anonymous
>>53011104 >tfw to smart for a girlfriend Oh get real

36 min later 53011115 Anonymous (1551935137848.jpg 490x311 43kB)
>>53010819 It's about trust. You can't trust a single cunt on this planet not to take something nice and fuck it all up. Any one of you can do it for any reason, don't object, history will attest.

37 min later 53011124 Anonymous
>>53011113 No, too intense as I said. It has nothing to do with intelligence. I just value a high degree of interaction that most people don't like.

39 min later 53011138 Anonymous
>>53010819 Men like women who can offer emotional support and who take on domestic duties. If you interpret that as having mother issues, then that's up to you.

39 min later 53011145 Anonymous
Because women are useless and do nothing except be parasitical whores all day. They are a net drain on society and in a relationship. They do nothing except sit on their obese ass and demand more and more, and this is encouraged and celebrated, yet when men dare to ask that a relationship be equal, we are collectively sharted on. Is that clear cut enough for you, you useless whore. >>53011115 this too.

40 min later 53011150 Anonymous
All the girls I'm exposed to are science types that only discuss anime and videogames. I'm more of an artsy type. But that's what I get for studying science.

43 min later 53011168 Anonymous
>>53011150 Why are all science types only interested in anime and vidya. This shit drives me fucking bananas. I studied physics and I haven't even watched anime in like 10 years. But I can't socialize with my own people because they're all fucking weebshitters who love League and fondling their assholes while cross dressing.

49 min later 53011214 Anonymous
>equal give and take relationship Women have never wanted this and never will. They only want to take. So I don't see why men should be the ones giving that up first, considering women will run away if they're confronted with a situation where they have to make an effort.

53 min later 53011245 Anonymous
>>53010819 I flip back and forth between wanting a gentle femdom and a slave. I know both positions are unhealthy. I don't know what an equal relationship is. maybe my switch desires are slightly more healthy than either one on it's own though.

58 min later 53011299 Anonymous (Alice appearing smug.png 544x540 399kB)
>>53010819 I give significantly, is it too much to ask for basic comfort? >>53011104 >i turn women off by being cerebral great going megamind

59 min later 53011310 Anonymous
>>53011168 True true. I feel like they don't even enjoy their respective fields. They view it more as a chore and don't seem to employ any creativity. Goes for both sexes.

1 hours later 53011347 Anonymous (1559164091733.png 243x243 12kB)
>>53010819 1. Many people here aren't normalfags who grew up with a happy loving family. Most people here grew up with single mothers, alcoholic parents or abusive ones. 2. People who want a mother figure they can fuck usually have had bad experiences with women in general. The mother figure serves as someone you can trust who will never hurt you, but as you know, it's impossible. 3. Men aren't the only ones looking for this type of relationship. We live in the "daddy" generation where women are looking for a man who can be their literal dad (dwarf them in size, pat them on the head, take them to the store and buy them whatever they want). Men may want a mommy figure but it's definitely on a smaller scale than women, most women want daddy and daddy only. If you want to talk about an equal give and take relationship, you're starting at the wrong place.

1 hours later 53011431 Anonymous
I guess it stems from the fact most here dont hava much social/physical interaction with people and having someone able to give both emotional and physical support would be pretty neat, its been long since most here felt someone cared for them, so having someone like that expressing their care for you in such a clear way is also pretty cool.

1 hours later 53011441 Anonymous
>>53010819 I don't think I'd mind taking on a more caring role in a relationship. I don't work and I assume he would so it wouldn't be too unbalanced.

1 hours later 53011466 Anonymous
>>53011214 You're thinking about it wrong. Women do give. You give everything you have and she gives her vagina. It's an equal exchange

1 hours later 53011554 Anonymous (1557523357424.jpg 200x200 5kB)
>>53011466 >"It's an equal exchange" >Pussy is worth 1/2 of a man's net worth. Come now, Anon. You could have a quality onahole, lube, anal toys, vibrators, and so on all under a net total of $100 shipped to your house with little effort. An arguably more sexually gratifying assortment of play for less than you'll spend on a few dinners out somewhere nice. In fact, I bet you could get said dinner for yourself and all the items I mentioned under the same value. Don't you think some nice grilled salmon with sesame sauce and a bit of a sloshy fap sound nice?

1 hours later 53011569 Anonymous
>>53010819 My friend is a psychologist. Modern, independent women come to her to complain about men and relationships in general ("where have all the good men gone" is real). When she asks them to describe the man they would like as a partner they all end up talking about the classic authoritative male figure. Isn't that kind of horrible of you?

1 hours later 53011608 Anonymous
My gf does motherly things but she wants me to be strong. I'm supposed to be the emotional rock and act like a man but put my guard down every now and then so she can treat me. She had a timid ex and she hated it, even though she acts motherly. It's almost contradictory but that's just how it is. Be strong so they have the opportunity to be feminine.

1 hours later 53011612 Anonymous
>>53011554 I get what you're saying but if a butt toy and an onahole were of equivalent value to real pussy, women would all be starving by now. Obviously that isn't happening.

1 hours later 53011660 Anonymous
>>53010819 I dont want anything anymore. Getting tired of it all, just waiting to die

1 hours later 53011774 Anonymous
>>53011612 >Obviously that isn't happening. Look at Japan with its Herbivore class of men and low birth rates for a quick rebuttal. Acquiring significant sexual stimulation is not a task that requires women in this modern age. The difference is the human aspect, since many people equate the value of sex with the mental satiety of the intercourse itself, or otherwise the exchange of sexual favors. In that case, I might agree with you. However, that is not the exchange of "her vagina", but of herself with yourself. In that case, the expectation would be a loyal togetherness with which to grow in union and as separate entities. Unfortunately, that is often not the case for many people in this society. I don't agree with everything that's stated in these threads. I'm not even the person you responded to initially. I just think it's silly for anyone to use sexual gratification as a point of leverage in relationships when it is an absolute non-issue to resolve it by oneself. Furthermore, to make that the headliner, and not instead the human aspect of togetherness is, in my opinion, a vile and sickening concept. Relationships should ideally be for the deepening of the human spirit, or for political resolvement. Sex should be an amplifier of those things; even in casual scenarios.

1 hours later 53011907 Anonymous
>>53010819 Excellent summary Be it gentle femdom or incel logic, they certainly reveal their true intentions once you ask for more detail about this caring and loving relationship they crave so much

2 hours later 53012144 Anonymous
>>53010819 >if you want to receive affection you have mommy issues >if you want to give affection you're a white knight with a savior complex The only winning move is to be alone.

2 hours later 53012399 Anonymous
>>53010819 >implying woman give near anything these days I think you just don't know how to read.

2 hours later 53012502 Anonymous (images.jpg 269x187 7kB)
>>53010819 >women demand abusive (but ""loving"") daddy doms to live out their fantasy of getting raped by their dad, >yet I'm the problem for wanting a woman I can be emotionally vulnerable towards once in a while. Fuck this.

2 hours later 53012556 Anonymous
>>53010819 No, I want a little sister figure I can fuck.

4 hours later 53012959 Anonymous (03219256D7404EBFA7287C7E9692F98C.jpg 800x600 85kB)
>>53011347 High IQ post. Men have always contributed the most to society and their family. It's not too much to ask for something in return, but of course women will complain when asked to do anything.

4 hours later 53013109 Anonymous (1560939583060.png 1916x2048 1743kB)
>>53010819 I dont really want a mother figure, but I do really like when girls do girly stuff. Like cooking, or putting out candles or incense or flowers.

4 hours later 53013149 Anonymous
Why is that wrong when most women want a father figure they can fuck?

4 hours later 53013177 Anonymous
>>53011124 I'm just like you Anon. Luckily I found a woman that is willing to deal with it and wants to help me get along with people. It has been 10 years and we are more deeply in love by the day. Basically what I'm saying is love is possible for you. The problem is that you'll wonder why she seems to be the only person that likes you. Also, the person you're replying to does seem to lack intelligence to some degree. If you need such a glaring difference in terms explained to you then you might actually be cognitively difficient yourself.

4 hours later 53013218 Anonymous
>>53012144 Correction; the only winning move is to not play games with people. There's a serious lack of bluntness in our society today. People are too afraid to say what they really think and feel and want. Stand on your feet and declare that all you want is someone who isn't just a taker and you will find her. She might actually find herself if you're willing to work on a woman to get her to see that her approach to your relationship isn't fair.

4 hours later 53013238 Anonymous
>>53011774 In short; you can only fuck a disembodied set of genitalia for so long before you just need someone to give you a damn hug.

4 hours later 53013256 Anonymous (1541231187437.png 576x597 61kB)
Yeah, I'd like a woman I can genuinely confide in and feel comfortable with. I'd like a woman who I can gush to and tell "I love you" randomly throughout the day. I'd like a woman I can compliment throughout the day. I'd like a woman I can cook for. I'd like a woman that sits her head on her shoulder while we talk about anything and everything. I'd like a woman who wouldn't mind if I had a bad day. I'd like a woman who I wouldn't feel guilty crying in front of. I'd like a woman that would be as loyal to me as I am her. I'd like a woman who's as in love with me as I am with her. I'd like all of these things and to return them to her in kind. These days, though, it feels like I'm asking for too much.

4 hours later 53013278 Anonymous
>>53011104 hey is this a copypasta?

4 hours later 53013280 Anonymous
>>53011612 Sex toys are superior in pleasure value. They're vastly inferior in social value. The only reason to get a gf at this point is showing to the rest of the world that you can get a gf, which puts you above those who can't. Then you get into how desirable the gf you got is, and whether or not you "got lucky" or if you're enough of a Chad to easily get another gf of similar or equal value. Hopefully the social value of getting a gf will fall off a cliff that starting a family did but considering that the 80% of guys who are /nogf/ mostly act like thirsty orbiters and fund e-thot lifestyles, it seems that the pedestal that pussy is on won't stop getting higher and higher.

4 hours later 53013305 Anonymous
>>53011466 What kind of sanctimonious self-afflicted whore is so wrapped up in her own bubnle of liew that she actually thinks this? If you act like a snatch on legs that's how you'll be treated. You'll go from unfulfilling sex, to less unfulfilling sex until you settle on a man that mistreats you because you've lost all of yoyr market value as the amount of wrinkles on your face and the sag in your tits increase. If that's all you bring to the table... you suck. You really are worthless, I have to break it to you. A quick fuck and get the fuck out of my house you slut. That's what you'll get.

4 hours later 53013313 Anonymous (9s gfd master.png 469x562 111kB)
>>53010819 As a guy who cuddled his oneitis I can say fuckable mother figure is the greatest thing in the universe. op, how the fuck is that "horrible"?

4 hours later 53013375 Anonymous
>>53013256 You aren't. Be brave an keep asking. It seems trite and dismissive for me to say this but it isn't. She's out there. You have to be brave enough to look for her to be worthy of the absolute bounty that she will be in your life. And don't be afraid to put your foot down with a woman when she's being an asshole. They fuckin love that shit. Tell her she's wrong and sing her a dissertation like you're ranting in a flat-earth thread and she'll know she found a man. "If you walk out that door don't you fuckin come back". The last thing I said to my wife the last time we fought. The apology I got the next day was also a promise to never treat me like that again. That was 2 years ago. We haven't had a fight since. I have the final word.

4 hours later 53013403 Anonymous
>>53010819 Well I think it's a natural response when almost all women in developed countries are adamant in finding flaws in males and think that everything we do is not good enough. Even Chads are not immune to it. Women will always seem to find something wrong with us no matter what. Even if you legitmately have positive character traits, she still would not even go for you for whatever small detail is off about you. This is why being a huge dick to them is the only way you'd even be close to convincing her that you are worth her time. Why do you think nice guys finish last anyway?

4 hours later 53013428 Anonymous (bogdanov machine.jpg 288x288 41kB)
>>53010819 If I had something to give I'd give it, I just don't have as much as the next guy. Trying to find love in a digital world is like a war of attrition, the desire contrasts with the resistive feeling of being nothing but an object or an option. I'm never good enough to make it last. Doesn't matter how pretty I get, how much I work out, how many times I lie through my teeth like I'm in a decent mental condition, I'm always just an option. Something temporary. Nobody bothers to really know you because the idea they have in their head is either instantly confirmed or denied, the amount of options available give no incentive for anything resembling a developed, human relationship. I think this is what incel dudes mean by 'chad', that instant gratification that can be chained together one after the other. We're all just being consumed.

4 hours later 53013431 Anonymous
>>53013280 You didn't mention anything about emotional health. That is more important than the other two things you mentioned put together. Having an actual teammate is a thing that no object can replace. Someone that will put their reputation on the line for you means more than mere words can say. If you don't think it's possible I'm here to tell you that the problem... is you.

4 hours later 53013506 Anonymous
>>53013431 That's what guy friends are for. Women won't do that. As soon as your reputation is called into question, or you show any other vulnerability, they'll ghost or they'll turn on you. When things get tough, women are a liability.

5 hours later 53013577 Anonymous (BsFBeCCCMAA6nAC.jpg 590x482 29kB)
My best guess as to why it happens is because the only love they got growing up was from their mother and it got to the point where the guy now associates romantic love with the attributes of motherly love. I almost fell for the mommy gf meme but I hate being treated like a child, I want to be as independent as I can while being diagnosed with autism due to childhood issues, and in my experience with women with mommy type personalities, they usually won't let you give them the same energy they're giving you which makes me feel like I'm taking advantage of them despite being told it's okay and I end up distancing myself. Dating a woman with a mommy type personality can be a wholesome and rewarding experience for everyone as long as both parties set up boundaries and can properly communicate with each other. The only problem is that boundary setting and healthy communication are rare nowadays.

5 hours later 53013600 Anonymous
>>53013375 >And don't be afraid to put your foot down with a woman when she's being an asshole. They fuckin love that shit. This is complete bullshit, I did that and she ghosted me.

5 hours later 53013713 Anonymous (BF4F6B75-DA9E-4267-8201-DD51AF69FF06.jpg 493x504 29kB)
>>53010819 Because I got blackpilled on such matters when I was still a child and I want nothing to do with them barring alleviating horniness. And that was before all of the incel/MGTOW/etc. bullshit. Furthermore the only thing most if not all women, especially younger ones, have to give is their vagina, which is not worth all of the baggage she would inevitably bring while it is also much cheaper to just pay someone to fuck instead, which has been going on since forever.

5 hours later 53013842 Anonymous
>It's sounds more like you want a mother figure you can fuck I mean yeah why not

5 hours later 53013933 Anonymous
>>53013375 >>53013600 kek origiimo

5 hours later 53014189 Anonymous
>>53013428 This man is woken. well said

5 hours later 53014234 Anonymous
>>53013177 Thank you anon, this gives me some hope that things can still change.

5 hours later 53014308 Anonymous
>>53010819 I dont even know who or what my mother looks like. Of course Ive been subconsciously seeking out mother-figures throughout my life. Being a motherless son fucked me up

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