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2019-06-21 01:33 53010718 Anonymous (1510656200354.jpg 1280x853 151kB)
What meaning is there in the world, now that God has died?

2 min later 53010769 Anonymous
Where did you get that information? Did the heavens inform you of this?

4 min later 53010782 Anonymous
>>53010769 Yeah, they sent me an obituary letter in the mail. Didnt you get one?

4 min later 53010783 Anonymous
>>53010718 You have a babby-tier, surface level understanding of what Nietzsche meant by that statement.

6 min later 53010797 Anonymous
>>53010783 Do enlighten us, anon

40 min later 53011055 Anonymous
>>53010783 nietzsche actually did describe the Death of God as the idea that belief in a deity is no longer philosophically tenable and will result in large scale secularism, which he saw as something that would bring ruin to civilization as it would rob us of a transcendent source of meaning. That doesnt mean he described it as something 'bad', just as something that would be disastrous for most people.

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