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2019-06-21 10:04 53010692 Anonymous Explain yourself (61F69613-2D95-4DD3-A12C-DA782AEEF1BD.jpg 843x958 338kB)
Even if you are not interested in all the inappropriate content with teen characters, how do you explain your overall interest in anime? What if the Normies in your life found out? Does this not stop you from getting a real girlfriend?

4 min later 53010693 Anonymous
>normies Normalfags*

5 min later 53010694 Anonymous
>>53010693 Whatever you call them. How do you explain this? And how does this affect your life?

6 min later 53010695 Anonymous
>implying I would care if normalfags found out >implying I care about 3DPD girls anyway

10 min later 53010696 Anonymous
>>53010695 Family. Coworkers. Friends. You don’t care?

14 min later 53010697 Anonymous
>how do you explain your overall interest in anime? I don't need to. >What if the Normies in your life found out? The only normal people in my life are family and they know I'm a huge autist so liking anime is a given. >Does this not stop you from getting a real girlfriend? I like being alone.

16 min later 53010698 Anonymous
>>53010696 Dude crunchyroll has like 50 million subscribers, you are not some special snowflake, I'm not sayin "everyone watches anime" but everyone has a friend or cousin that does. No one cares nor will ask you for an explanation.

21 min later 53010699 Anonymous
>>53010698 Uh, according to data, there are only 10 million anime fans in the world.

24 min later 53010700 Anonymous
>>53010692 I have four friends, know them since 2005 and never had to explain myself about liking anime I've had girlfriends and same applies If you have to justify your hobbies you're hanging out with the wrong people

28 min later 53010701 Anonymous
>>53010700 What about when your hobbies involve underage anime?

54 min later 53010702 Anonymous
>>53010701 >underage anime that's not even a real term. Go back to /soc/

56 min later 53010703 Anonymous
>>53010696 Family, friends, and coworkers watch anime though.

58 min later 53010704 Anonymous
>>53010701 Absolute retard

59 min later 53010705 Anonymous (they are birbs.jpg 1900x1364 1652kB)

1 hours later 53010706 Anonymous
>>53010704 So there is no underage stuff in anime/manga? Liar.

1 hours later 53010707 Anonymous (1559422219184.jpg 442x328 64kB)
I swear to god these bait threads get more and more unimaginative and boring every single day. And the worst part is you faggots actually bite it.

2 hours later 53010708 Anonymous
>>53010692 Here in SEA anime is normalfag tier. Deal with it.

3 hours later 53010771 Anonymous
Fuck.. i want a bodypillow or a sex-doll so bad i just don't have anywhere to store it when my family comes over. I can't take sleeping alone anymore. I need something to hug

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