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2019-06-21 01:28 53010660 Anonymous (D3A9E146-1BA4-4213-881D-1A08AF5E805F.png 367x610 229kB)
Fembots can you please explain why you support this?

2 min later 53010682 Anonymous
>the Netherlands You act surprised

13 min later 53010812 Anonymous
>>53010660 'gender balance ' just for the sake of diversity or 'equality' is 100% bullcrap. I support equal opportunity but not equal outcome. If a man just happens to be more qualified than the woman, there's really no good reason why you'd hire the woman over the man.

17 min later 53010837 Anonymous
>>53010812 Based anyone who thinks otherwise needs to be euthanized and then killed The point of euthanizing them first is to show them how worthless they are

17 min later 53010841 Anonymous (25.jpg 883x674 520kB)
>ABC (Australian) decided to be completely unbiased in hiring >anonymise all applicants >chose the best >they were all middle-aged, white males >decided 'fuck that' and actively discriminated to diversify The horror.

19 min later 53010859 Anonymous
>positive discrimination LMAO

21 min later 53010876 Anonymous (ycfmiq.png 751x891 147kB)
>>53010660 Remember though anons, we need feminism and #metoo to remind us all that men are universally privileged and have far more than they deserve

22 min later 53010881 Anonymous (m1bxmyzde6-o3o-w0zkqooo0rpdez46r-xlarge.jpg 620x348 20kB)
>>53010660 This is what happens when capitalism is allowed to fester unchecked. in Soviet union only people who deserve collage go to collage and it was free no gender bullshit or anything like that. same for the job's everybody has job everybody has place to live everybody has food. it was the perfect place on earth but you amarica fats ruined it. Have fun when your homeless and starving from robot's immigrants and entitled bitches taking all your job's I will be laughing.

22 min later 53010887 Anonymous
But I don't. I actually find it disgusting that people cheer for it. I'd be totally okay if every private business or institution had completely free choice on who to serve or hire, but I'm guessing all the blacks would starve.

24 min later 53010895 Anonymous
>>53010881 Fascism is better desu.

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