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2019-06-21 01:19 53010620 Anonymous (download.jpg 239x211 11kB)
>having flashbacks of my life before I was on probation for being black oh fuck me. I thought my life was fucking garbage before. now its as bad as it can possibly be. I miss that shaved head redneck guy that would come trade me weed for my prescription pills. I miss riding around in my dads shitty car all over the depressing back roads. I miss smoking weed and getting drunk in my room blasting music all night off my xbox on my tv. I miss sitting around getting high and playing video games and sleeping all the time. I miss just getting drunk and fapping and sending pictures of it to girls on kik. I miss buying a bunch of beer and getting drunk. I miss hanging out with the lunatics and getting drunk and finding some scheme to get weed and getting high. I miss when I first found my scam and was making money and had hope I miss it. my life was such fucking garbage. and I miss it. why did god struck me down as soon as I made enough money to live the life I wanted. why did god do this. how did it get this bad? I thought it was bad before but holy fuck my life was like a miracle vacation paradise back then. holy fucking shit how did it get so bad. I hate god so much.

7 min later 53010654 Anonymous
You weren't put on probation for being a nigger, you were put on probation for being a retard that also happens to be a nigger.

18 min later 53010786 Anonymous
>>53010654 no everyone knows that black people get punished worse for the same crime. and some cops just straight up let white people go

24 min later 53010823 Anonymous
>>53010786 Nigger you were driving while black-out high, you're lucky you're not in prison.

26 min later 53010844 Anonymous
>>53010823 it didn't have to be this bad. I shouldn't be punished for my addiction. its a result of my poverty and abuse. its not my fault im addicted. I made a mistake. I learned. I served out a punishment. I have been good. im not asking much. I have gone a very long time without violating probation too. that is really good. most people cant do that

34 min later 53010905 Anonymous
>>53010844 >I shouldn't be punished for my addiction If your addiction puts yourself and others in danger, then yes, you should be punished.

36 min later 53010921 Anonymous
>>53010905 ok I was punished and want to better my life and I have learned from it. I saw a white person on reddit say he got 2 dui's and he got 90 days house arrest. so how about you shut the fuck up. you think this shit is fair? fuck off. if I was white they would throw a fucking parade for me for being proud I admitted my addiction or something and give me a fucking back rub

40 min later 53010946 Anonymous
>>53010620 >Scams people >Harasses people with dick pics >Drives drunk >Deals prescription drugs >Noise code violator You shouldn't be on probation. You should be in a fucking CAMP.

40 min later 53010950 Anonymous
>>53010823 He's a troll. Don't reply to trolls. He's making the story up for God knows what reason and has been spamming the same thread for years.

40 min later 53010951 Anonymous
>>53010921 >I saw a white person on reddit say he got 2 dui's and he got 90 days house arrest. And how much did you get?

42 min later 53010959 Anonymous
>>53010950 Why hasn't he been banned yet?

42 min later 53010962 Anonymous
>>53010950 >He's making the story up for God knows what reason and has been spamming the same thread for years. He's part of board lore now dude. I love yelling at "on probation for being black and lives in frozen hell 8 hours from any city" dude. He's a vastly better troll than any of the fucking fags or traps around here.

42 min later 53010965 Anonymous
>>53010946 who said I was harassing. I had girls watch me jack off when I got drunk. I am not a weirdo. only freaks do that shit.

43 min later 53010966 Anonymous
>>53010959 That is a very good question.

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