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2019-06-21 01:19 53010618 Anonymous (1559495860355.gif 560x420 178kB)
> I can't stop using the word TOPPED I fucking hate this place.

2 min later 53010630 Anonymous
It's not this place at fault, you're just autistic

7 min later 53010653 Anonymous
that's not even a common word around here what does it means?

14 min later 53010717 Anonymous
>>53010653 Getting your boi pucci wrecked

23 min later 53010816 Anonymous
>>53010717 so it's lgbt jargon go back would ya

26 min later 53010838 Anonymous
>>53010618 Lots of people say TOPPED it can be used as a joke or insult I guess or obviously sexual >>53010653 It's pretty common man.. >>53010717 Gay >>53010816 Get TOPPED jk

27 min later 53010848 Anonymous
What the fuck is a TOPPED?

30 min later 53010871 Anonymous
>>53010848 Getting your boipusy ravaged by a big, hairy masculine man while his strong hairy arms and warm chest embrace you from behind. You know, like being a girl.

31 min later 53010884 Anonymous
>>53010848 How new are you? You don't want to get TOPPED but then again its r9k

34 min later 53010901 Anonymous
>>53010618 Are you the homo who says go on Grindr

38 min later 53010932 Anonymous
>>53010630 >>53010653 >>53010816 >>53010848 Just some fucking stockholm syndromed sissy schizoposter who incessantly tells people to go on grindr, I suggest filtering the word "grindr" and "TOPPED" to avoid seeing his retardation. You can usually tell it's him because he has really bad grammar too, all the sissy hypno has jumbled what little brain matter he had.

41 min later 53010948 Anonymous
>>53010932 You like it though and it disgusts me, try leaving r9k for 10 minutes

43 min later 53010961 Anonymous
>>53010932 Well I did go on Grindr to the advice of robots and lost my virginity so fuck off and no I was not TOPPED

44 min later 53010972 Anonymous
>>53010618 We say TOPPED at my work place as poking lol

46 min later 53010988 Anonymous
>>53010932 Most robots like boipussy so it's more common than you think

46 min later 53010989 Anonymous
>>53010961 >lost my virginity Was the thing you BOTTOMED a boy or a girl?

49 min later 53011009 Anonymous
>>53010989 A trap her boiclit was locked in chastity

52 min later 53011035 Anonymous
>>53010988 no it's not retard go back to lgbt nobody acres about that shit here

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