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2019-06-21 01:18 53010614 Anonymous tfw have to wage cuck in 2 hours (1560935298604.png 633x758 34kB)
why dont we all just live in farms so we can provide for ourselves like in the old days

3 min later 53010633 Anonymous (1557218618287.jpg 800x600 111kB)
>have to wageslave in 40 minutes

4 min later 53010638 Anonymous
>>53010614 I live in farmland. its not like that. most people here are miserable and drunks or addicted to meth and prescription opiates. office jobs are the dream. people here still work regular jobs. just harder labor. less pay. shittier jobs. less resources. more sadness. rampant poverty. I dont even see much fresh food and veggies here besides the once a year farmers market. I still have to get everything from a grocery store. less options than anywhere else.

5 min later 53010643 Anonymous
>day off today >have to get up at 5am to wageslave tomorrow

7 min later 53010648 Anonymous
>>53010614 you can just go live in a farm retard

9 min later 53010659 Anonymous
>>53010614 You whine like a 14 yo sissy goon Grindr and get TOPPED like all these other faggots

58 min later 53011085 Anonymous (qHaeilhr.jpg 1456x1941 96kB)
>>53010633 samefag here 8 hours remaining, i was late for 12 mins and the manager didn't said shit.

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