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2019-06-21 01:14 53010584 Anonymous (8y98ygu.png 385x370 261kB)
Is there something more devastating than being unhappy and being constantly oppressed by the happiness of others?

1 hours later 53011415 Anonymous

1 hours later 53011449 Anonymous
>>53010584 >Women >Happiness

1 hours later 53011484 Anonymous
Being poor and being oppressed by others wealth (freedom). Trust me, I experience both and theres no point of comparison

2 hours later 53011650 Anonymous
>>53010584 >oppressed Cry harder, faggot

2 hours later 53011710 Anonymous
>>53010584 >>53011650 See >>53011650 Envy is ugly & stupid

2 hours later 53011806 Anonymous
>>53011650 You know that you have to go back.

2 hours later 53011847 Anonymous
>>53011806 To telling tmblr faggots that think everything is >oppression to get fucked?

2 hours later 53011872 Anonymous
>>53010584 Misery sure loves company.

2 hours later 53011904 Anonymous
>>53010584 Yes, having a good chance at happiness and self-sabotaging yourself

2 hours later 53012047 Anonymous
>>53011650 >>53011710 >>53011847 If you don't understand what I mean by "oppression" is probably because you don't know what prolonged unhappiness and constant exposure to others happiness is. It's like having a wound that won't heal while watching others experiencing the pleasure of being wealthy.

3 hours later 53012420 Anonymous
>>53012047 What a mewling weakling fuck. That is just you being jealous. >thrown into a prison camp by armed men who beat and starve Oppression >someone has more money than me a-bloo-bloo-blooooooooo Faggotry Know the difference

3 hours later 53012444 Anonymous
Oppressed how lmao, being happy is a mental state, you can do it on your own

3 hours later 53012466 Anonymous
>>53010584 never trying and still sucseeding at everything. if i kill myslef will i hit ng+? how many cycles do i have to do till this becomes fun, can i re-roll a girl with petite boobs, nice hips and thick thighs?

3 hours later 53012780 Anonymous
>>53010584 Dying of cancer Or tuberculosis Listening to faggots whine about how unhappy they are

4 hours later 53012939 Anonymous
>>53012444 I'm a 26 khv manlet with phimosis, no job and health problems. But yes happiness is just a state of the mind.

5 hours later 53013386 Anonymous
>>53012939 Oh Another quitter

5 hours later 53013399 Anonymous (1560420729574.jpg 900x1273 482kB)
>>53010584 Stop holding yourself to normie standards of happiness.

5 hours later 53013416 Anonymous
>>53013386 Wrong, I'm a restarter.

5 hours later 53013424 Anonymous
>>53010584 I have to tone down my happiness otherwise get locked up as manic; the West is fucked!

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