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2019-06-21 01:09 53010540 Anonymous (emo34421.jpg 1080x809 103kB)
Were you an emo back when it was relevant?

0 min later 53010545 Anonymous
No, they've always been annoying

0 min later 53010547 Anonymous
I am and look like that except im a guy

3 min later 53010573 Anonymous (gigachad.jpg 758x644 65kB)
>>53010540 no. i was a sk8r boi but i never hung out with other sk8rs because they were low IQ potheads. scene girls are also very boring and smell of failure and LGBT

10 min later 53010621 Anonymous
>>53010540 No, I never got into it because I was too autistic to understand cliches and stuff like that. I have to admit though that emos looks pretty cool and unusual to me and I wish I got into it back in the day.

12 min later 53010634 Anonymous
>>53010540 No. I hung out with some metalheads for a while, but never really liked metal

21 min later 53010689 Anonymous
>>53010540 i was emo/ scene for a while wasnt that bad desu

23 min later 53010716 Anonymous
nigga im still emo

48 min later 53010930 Anonymous
>>53010540 No. I had some acquaintances who were but I always found dressing up in some kind of scene uniform a bit too cringe to seriously consider doing. I remember that the most extreme people in emo/goth/whatever other subculture literally looked like they were wearing halloween costumes 365 days a year. By the way what's the scene that's current now?

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