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2019-06-21 01:01 53010503 Anonymous (1558513584000.jpg 700x564 23kB)
Sex is just a meme right? Nobody actuslly does it right? P-please tell me its all fake

1 hours later 53010980 Anonymous
>>53010503 how do you think you were born boyo?

1 hours later 53011005 Anonymous (Screenshot_2019-06-21-13-06-11-831_com.tinder.png 933x266 32kB)
Ye Sex is a meme At least for today Fuck > I was so horny today fuck me

1 hours later 53011007 Anonymous
>>53011005 hope you ignored her and pressed that little heart next to her message, young man

1 hours later 53011014 Anonymous (1525423749742.gif 434x434 61kB)
>>53011005 >gf has had a 2 week long period

1 hours later 53011020 Anonymous
it's all fake OP you don't ever need to worry about it just bee yourself and live a nice life OP everything will be alright =)

1 hours later 53011043 Anonymous
>>53011007 haven't answered yet I don't think I'm going to ghost her out with an heart, she's a sweet girl after all it came like 10 min ago I really don't know what to answer. What did she mean for a rain check? >>53011014 not my gf, just a tinder usual. Cute asian. Also quite clever girl.

1 hours later 53011052 Anonymous
>>53011014 Also forgot, if she's your girlfriend you can ask directly if she's avoiding sex and why. Talking about sex is good in a relationship, since it's different from males and females

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