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2019-06-21 12:59 53010490 Anonymous (250461510292249.png 627x500 311kB)
anyone else here a healthy drug addict? >taking kratom and smoking cbd hemp flower >taking cbd drops >drinking water

5 min later 53010516 Anonymous
>>53010490 >implying your muh plant narcotics are somehow different than my china white narcotics Kys self-righteous own-fart-sniffing junkie scum

6 min later 53010521 Anonymous
Smoking pure CBD buds is pretty lame

16 min later 53010600 Anonymous
>>53010516 nerds on the internet are the most retarded people ive ever met. and thats REALLY saying something because I come from one of the poorest rural dumbest brain dead areas in the world literally surrounded by brain dead hard labor drug addict rednecks and they are all smarter than you guys. this is bad. im talking to the middle aged shaved head drug addicts

40 min later 53010796 Anonymous (1560921096213.png 872x1000 278kB)
>drug addict >healthy C'mon OP you can do better...

41 min later 53010811 Anonymous
>>53010796 >>53010521 kratom has all sorts of health benefits and practically no negative ones. If you ate mcdonalds or fast food more than once in the same month you harmed yourself more than someone doing kratom every few days. retards.

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