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2019-06-21 12:42 53010420 Anonymous (deepfried_1560582909226.png 500x500 310kB)
why do you stupid normalfags with girlfriends and friends even come here? you have no reason to be here and leaving isnt hard this website has little pleasure value.

1 min later 53010425 Anonymous
>>53010420 because they arent, its 100% larp

3 min later 53010443 Anonymous
Why don't you leave instead, dumb incel.

5 min later 53010446 Anonymous (normalfags who come to 4chan be like.jpg 501x1200 121kB)
>>53010443 4chan is a site for social outcasts you people have real life social interaction we dont you are the one who needs to leave

9 min later 53010457 Anonymous
>>53010443 >incels should leave their own board so I can stay here and not enjoy the board more. Imagine being this summer

10 min later 53010460 Anonymous
>>53010420 I actually like you guys. The incel/virgin hate is retarded.

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