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2019-06-21 12:17 53010257 Anonymous (IMG_2312.jpg 574x945 75kB)
Yes, I do believe a girl's pussy is worth $3000.00. Pic related >RAD

2 min later 53010274 Anonymous
>>53010257 Any girl? Nah. Now, if we were talking about fembot pussy, I say $3000 would be a damn bargain .

24 min later 53010418 Anonymous (IMG_2311.jpg 580x950 115kB)
I always thought she was beautiful. Can't believe I'm gonna be tasting her pussy soon. It's like dreaming about fucking a celebrity then getting the chance to do it.

27 min later 53010428 Anonymous
>>53010257 And her name is?

27 min later 53010434 Anonymous
When will you meet her? Or are you just fantasizing?

30 min later 53010448 Anonymous
>>53010257 leaks of this shit? name?

33 min later 53010455 Anonymous (1529602208048.png 763x575 738kB)
>>53010257 If you're going to waste $3k, why not buy a high quality sound system and an onahole? Then you can fuck yourself to the sounds of regret all you want instead of some sitcom Mom #3.

36 min later 53010463 Anonymous (IMG_2316.jpg 400x320 24kB)
What can I say? The heart wants what it wants even if she's a whore for sell.

38 min later 53010470 Anonymous
>>53010463 You better drill every hole and armpit for that price, then. If she's not covered from head to toe in your seed and possibly pregnant from your seed flooding her ovulating canal, we're all going to be disappointed. Make the whore cry semen you mad lad.

47 min later 53010518 Anonymous (IMG_2309.jpg 590x941 71kB)
Also, if a relationship blossoms (I really hope so) it really doesn't bother me that she's been fucked on camera or has shown her pussy to the world. Love is love even though it can be strange at times.

54 min later 53010564 Anonymous
>>53010518 yeah its not going to loser she would never touch you without you shelling out a stupid amount of fucking money. you are a job to her. a disgusting job that she just wants to get done as fast as possible to keep her money and run off.

1 hours later 53010627 Anonymous (IMG_2313.jpg 583x936 78kB)
Comparing her old pictures of when she was younger and thinner to what she looks like now, I honestly have to say, I much prefer her now.

3 hours later 53011702 Anonymous
>>53010257 Are you gonna suck on her tits at least? How much time is she giving you too?

3 hours later 53011895 Anonymous
>>53010257 There are people starving on africa, yet somehow people still pay 3k to tap a 40 year old hag. Fuck this gay earth.

3 hours later 53011898 Anonymous
>>53011895 you think thats bad what about the people that spend like 300k on fucking jewelry

3 hours later 53011901 Anonymous
>>53011895 you really think anybody cares about those starving kids in Africa?

3 hours later 53011934 Anonymous
>>53011895 >There are people starving in africa good

3 hours later 53012048 Anonymous
>>53010257 Is there an actual guarantee that she's gonna fuck you or are you just giving her money and expecting her to fuck you? Because of it's the latter then you're cucking yourself. She probably doesn't even see you as a person, but just a source of money, which she'll just spend without even thinking about repaying you in any way, shape, or form.

3 hours later 53012162 Anonymous
Around here you can fuck a girl like her for less than 200 bong for an hour. I love living somewhere where prostitution is legal

5 hours later 53012831 Anonymous
>>53010518 >Also, if a relationship blossoms (I really hope so) You're pathetic to think that.

6 hours later 53013463 Anonymous
>>53011895 >yet somehow people still pay 3k to tap a 40 year old hag. yeah, OP is a bottom of the barrel IQ pathetic goon. STOP putting pussy on a pedestal you morons.

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