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2019-06-21 11:47 53010032 Anonymous (zing_dth.jpg 593x366 32kB)
so for the past 5 years i've fallen for the same bait. >befriend someone in a vidya >oh shit its a girl >long discord talks >plans to meet up >some sort of drama >year passes, over it >befriend someone in viya >oh shit its a girl i'm on my 4th one right now. It's the early stages. Im starting to embrace it. I know how this goes and how it will end but for the new few months I will be a happy robot. When its over I will crash hard. And then like clockwork when i least expect it I will find another

14 min later 53010140 Anonymous
>>53010032 Meet girls outside already

17 min later 53010166 Anonymous
>>53010140 you think if i could meet girls outside i'd post on this board? My last relationship was last march and it lasted for a month. She made all the moves too. It was a fucking uno card and prob my golden ticket outta this but she just wanted a fling. Thats the type of girls i attract i guess. But online, its different. Thats why the gamer girl bait is so good for me

18 min later 53010171 Anonymous
>>53010032 stop talking to girls on discord and start living your best life

20 min later 53010183 Anonymous
>>53010171 did i post this on the wrong board something? Fucking chads in here

21 min later 53010196 Anonymous
>>53010183 Nah dude you're just pathetic

23 min later 53010205 Anonymous
>>53010196 cool. cant even fit in on /r9k/ later

23 min later 53010210 Anonymous
>>53010183 >"go outside" >"what are you, a chad?" This was like the 4chan equivalent of "oh look at me, the billionaire who can afford silverware"

26 min later 53010233 Anonymous (1560774031570.jpg 472x650 69kB)
>>53010205 No ur just being a bitch about it. R9k isn't a good place to fit in anyway, everyone here is a self pitying dweeb and you should really only be here for the laughs. You're attractive enough that a girl went up to u and started a relationship, you can probably attract more. It's just not gonna happen browsing a site full of angry virgins though

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