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2019-06-21 11:40 53009985 Anonymous (3125334.jpg 619x453 28kB)

0 min later 53009990 Anonymous
What the fuck is frenworld? Is this some homosexual type shit?

2 min later 53010003 Anonymous
>>53009990 >>53009990 can't be more gay than r9k

7 min later 53010042 Anonymous
>>53009990 a place on reddit where they post apu. there was nothing racist really on there except for some stuff in the comments, but the main patrons were obviously far-right 4channers. i'm honestly surprised they would ban that, as the times i looked at it, it was pretty mild.

9 min later 53010062 Anonymous
>>53010042 Gross fuck you faggot ass not original message

11 min later 53010077 Anonymous
>>53010062 cartoon frogs with some 12 year olds saying nigger is bannable, but https://www.reddit.com/r/AgeplayPen Pals/ subreddits of old men getting together to pretend to rape little girls is fine.

17 min later 53010118 Anonymous (1533714700605.jpg 1080x844 77kB)
>>53009985 shit I remember when that went up shortly after the MDE sub got nuked. I hardly ever went on frenworld but that fucking sucks. pouring one out for all the lost frens

21 min later 53010143 Anonymous
>>53010077 Both subreddits should be banned. Also, Fren literally stands for far right ethno-nationalist. A good chunk of that sub had neo nazi propaganda but they buried it under a hundred layers of irony so they can pretend its all a joke when called out. However, sometimes they slip up and get a bit too obvious. What they essentially tried to do was hide their power level by creating a thinly viewed racist subreddit after getting banned from /r/cringeanarchy. It's hilarious.

22 min later 53010153 Anonymous
You normalfags have to go back.

23 min later 53010157 Anonymous (1505661177121.jpg 680x501 16kB)
>>53010143 Now that everyone's caught on, it's just not going to be as effective anymore, either. God I love seeing the right burn

23 min later 53010161 Anonymous
>>53010077 >>53010118 >>53009985 >>53010042 >this many redditors here FUCK OFF

25 min later 53010177 Anonymous
>>53010143 >Also, Fren literally stands for far right ethno-nationalist. HAHA what?

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