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2019-06-21 11:37 53009944 Anonymous (1556724025330.jpg 800x916 48kB)
hey guys my boyfriend that i had for one year left me because he said that im not good enough for him, im really sad now, can anyone of you cheer me up? i have discord if you want to add me: kawaiiflaaffy#5500

2 min later 53009972 Anonymous
>>53009944 Fuck off you trannoid

10 min later 53010036 Anonymous
Take this cancer to >>>/soc/ No I don't care that you want a "robot bf," fuck off.

23 min later 53010130 Anonymous
>>53010036 people dont understand me and soc is a cancer board

25 min later 53010145 Anonymous
>>53010130 post face pics muted

26 min later 53010151 Anonymous
>>53010145 who are you to tell me what i m supposed to do

28 min later 53010167 Anonymous
>>53010151 to see if your boyfriend left you for being too ugly or too boring

29 min later 53010174 Anonymous
>>53010167 i would like to know which analytics you run to recognize how boring a person is by looking at their face

31 min later 53010193 Anonymous
>>53010174 are you retarded or just trolling? if you're not ugly, by process of elimination, you must be..... ((boring))

33 min later 53010204 Anonymous
>>53010193 >asking a female if its retarded Rhetorical question

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