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2019-06-21 11:36 53009941 Anonymous (narancia_crying.jpg 330x454 53kB)
Why do you hate women, guys? I don't hate women, I don't get it.

1 min later 53009951 A
I hate all human beings equally

3 min later 53009968 Anonymous (76F5C51B-954B-4191-A450-FDA920AA7F07.jpg 760x1052 114kB)
>>53009941 I hate myself more than I hate women.

3 min later 53009980 Anonymous
>>53009941 Cute bois are better than women

12 min later 53010048 Anonymous
>>53009941 I hate women because they hate me It's simple reciprocity

16 min later 53010080 Anonymous
I hate people in general, except for myself

16 min later 53010085 Anonymous
>>53009941 >Why do you hate women, guys? I love them.

18 min later 53010102 Anonymous
>>53009941 It is about resentment and powerlessness. You can't expect from people who are constantly rejected that they will be mentally stable. They will grow resentful.Keep in mind that women often mock awkward men who they reject or they took approaching as personal offence. It is a vicious cycle.

19 min later 53010108 Anonymous
>>53010102 But people here never get rejected because they never ask girls out.

44 min later 53010285 Anonymous
>>53009941 It's hard to love them if you don't have a gf. I can't force myself to like them anymore.

48 min later 53010311 Anonymous
>>53010102 True. I used to like women, but then I got rejected by one and I can't stand them ever since.

58 min later 53010373 Anonymous
I hate the idea of a pussy pass Women generally get more trust which is unwarranted in many cases It's common for them to abuse this privilege

1 hours later 53010441 Anonymous
i hate the idea of men begging for sex and women sitting on thrones and deciding.

1 hours later 53010445 Anonymous
>>53010441 Good thing that only exists in incel fantasy worlds.

1 hours later 53010458 Anonymous
>>53010445 >that only exists in incel fantasy worlds. sure.

1 hours later 53010500 Anonymous
I don't hate women. I simply don't care about 99.9% of them. But I hate living

1 hours later 53010502 Anonymous
>>53010285 2019 asking girl out They All have tinder and get railed by Chad anyway Fuck women

1 hours later 53010511 Anonymous
>>53009941 because most try to manipulate men

1 hours later 53010520 Anonymous
>>53010502 you know not every woman on the earth conforms to your fantasy world idea of them all fucking a nonexistent "chad" figure in your retarded faggot head, right?

1 hours later 53010541 Anonymous (hi i'm daisy.jpg 1280x720 69kB)
>>53010520 You went on a board where all that is discussed is Chad's dick, what did you expect?

1 hours later 53010565 Anonymous
>>53010458 Who are the women currently sitting on the thrones and ruling the world, and who are the men begging them for sex?

1 hours later 53010578 Anonymous (1559638304113.jpg 859x1159 362kB)
>>53009941 I don't hate women in the slightest. They have plenty of good reasons for disliking me. Im ugly, unfunny and i have the brain of a guppy. As a walking black hole of charisma i'd have to be dishonest as fuck to blame anyone else for my failures. Reminder that hating women is just a massive cope. I accepted that no-one will love me and i've never felt better. Some people are good at different things, and some people are bad at others, im shit with women so i don't get love, same thing as someone who's shit at math not getting ro become a rocket scientist. Tough shit, but you don't see the other being a rocketcel or a man going away from spaceships and flaming nasa all day because their standards are too high. Only reason you guys are whining about this trivial thing that you can't have is because you buy into it as some sort of be-all end-all of life. It's not, it's just another way to spend your time on this planet and is no-more valid than just playing vidya all day.

1 hours later 53010601 Anonymous
>>53009968 this but i also hate women more than other men. that's not to say all of them of course, there's a few decent ones to be found

1 hours later 53010637 Anonymous
Well, movies songs etc all taught me that there is real love blah, but it unironically comes down to women only wanting money.

1 hours later 53010680 Anonymous
>>53010637 Where the fuck are you aiming?

1 hours later 53010719 Anonymous
>>53010541 Chads dick is 80% of this boards obsession.

2 hours later 53010799 Anonymous
>>53010108 they probably tried when they were younger and got mocked for it or they just got mocked outright without even trying

2 hours later 53010964 Anonymous (God fucking damn it.jpg 250x218 7kB)
>>53010799 >u-um high veronica, w-w-wanna g-go to th-th-the movies together? Gee, I wonder why someone with no confidence got mocked.

2 hours later 53010986 Anonymous
>>53010799 Tried once in middle school that is. And then hold onto that as an excuse for never again asking a girl out.

2 hours later 53010990 Anonymous
>>53009941 My first interactions with women, being my mother and sisters, made me think that every woman is unstable. Thankfully I'm Bi.

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