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2019-06-21 11:34 53009924 A (ns1-1.png 1200x674 635kB)
>tfw no nazi 18yo loli gf

14 min later 53010045 Anonymous
>>53009924 Lolis are the gayest of the gay, mate. Get your dick checked pls.

16 min later 53010063 A
>>53010045 I like both lolis and thicc milfs, but i hate girls who look my age

16 min later 53010069 Anonymous
>>53009924 >nazi 18yo loli gf lol he is ancap but ok

29 min later 53010154 A
>>53010069 >he it is a she >ancap she is against immigration, how is that ancap?

33 min later 53010185 Anonymous
>>53009924 just give a link ffs

33 min later 53010191 Anonymous
>>53009924 >Huge empahsis on eyeliner >5 head >poor upper lip shape >huge eye and eyebrow separation without makeup this girl is prob a 4/10 terrible investment too. you can tell she will age like milk

41 min later 53010242 Anonymous (pepe hammer.gif 487x560 920kB)
>>53010154 freedom of association brainlet

41 min later 53010246 A
>>53010242 you can't do that on a nation scale

43 min later 53010260 Anonymous (15160598280000.jpg 1432x1900 494kB)
>>53010246 >ancap >nation (an involuntary association) a brainlet indeed

45 min later 53010270 Anonymous
>>53009924 Shes kind of a chink race, you stupid moron. Germans and aryans have big eyes

46 min later 53010280 A
>>53010185 it is naomi seibt on youtube

49 min later 53010303 Anonymous
It`s clear she`s quite pretty and will age to be even more cute, she`s just bad at makeup

1 hours later 53010371 A
>>53010260 lmao, so it is consistent with ancaps to try to influence the state in order to limit the possibility of free movement of people who don't violate your nap?

1 hours later 53010462 Anonymous
>>53009924 if she was truly serious about it, she wouldn't be openly wearing that much makeup.

1 hours later 53010476 Anonymous
>>53009924 >fetal alcohol syndrome pregnant women who drink should be shot

1 hours later 53010563 A
>>53010303 She kinda has a bad eye area, but yeah she will age well

2 hours later 53010776 Anonymous
More loli

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