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2019-06-21 11:31 53009907 Anonymous (original.jpg 335x404 88kB)
>being in a relationship with someone who's previous relationship was over a year

4 min later 53009937 A (1518815895729.png 800x900 177kB)
>being in a relationship with a woman who isn't a virgin

6 min later 53009956 Anonymous
>>53009907 You'd prefer a serial monogamist?

8 min later 53009975 Anonymous
>>53009956 Yes, preferably Cinnamon Toast Crunch

9 min later 53009988 Anonymous
>>53009907 >being in a relationship with someone whom can't differentiate between who's and whose

10 min later 53009992 Anonymous
>being in a relationship with someone who has touched another person in any way Yikes

11 min later 53010001 Anonymous
>>53009975 I can't find a stock image of a man recoiling as he's hit in the face by a projectile dictionary but just imagine I posted a picture like that.

15 min later 53010025 Anonymous (w.jpg 260x260 11kB)
>being in a relationship instead of having multiple fwbs

17 min later 53010046 Anonymous
>>53010001 the new forward thinking image posting method is describing the image in your head

32 min later 53010158 Anonymous
>>53010046 A post-image imageboard. How avant garde.

35 min later 53010181 Anonymous
What exactly is wrong with that though? ravioli

37 min later 53010192 Anonymous
>>53009988 >being in a relationship with someone who can't tell that either version can be used genitively, and will still be correct

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