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2019-06-21 11:26 53009877 Anonymous (20190210_002153.jpg 309x312 42kB)
Daily reminder that if you're a gay or tranny, you don't belong on this board and you're not welcome here. Cry homophobia all you want but the fact is, r9k isn't for you so fuck off. You literally have an entire board for all your faggotry so please exit immediately and return to /lgbt/

29 min later 53010105 Anonymous

46 min later 53010220 Anonymous
>>53009877 This is an unspoken rule, Anon. Fags should fear this board.

46 min later 53010226 Anonymous
But where else will I find socially incompetent boys who are easily swayed by a little positive attention to become part of my harem?

48 min later 53010239 Anonymous
>>53009877 Oh look, another post about how people I don't like should leave despite not breaking any rules. I wonder if this time something will actually change. What? It's powerless whining yet again? Too bad so sad.

56 min later 53010294 Anonymous
>>53009877 /tttt/ is a hellscape, I'd rather stay here. Besides, where else could I talk with fellow loser NEET incels?

1 hours later 53010326 Anonymous
>>53009877 Oops i spilled my faggot girlcock all over your thread sorry OP :,( 3======D~~

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