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2019-06-21 11:05 53009709 Anonymous (BEF0D649-3936-4267-8122-2D2F99FDBCA0.jpg 749x1024 108kB)
I'm feeling down and I just want to talk and stuff. I don't know about what. Just anything to get out of this hole.

2 min later 53009737 Anonymous
>>53009709 I'm on a diet of nicotine and ice. Hello, friend.

5 min later 53009763 Anonymous
>>53009737 I'm the same only with caffeine instead of nicotine. Hello there.

22 min later 53009892 Anonymous (1560682580714.png 540x540 246kB)
>>53009763 What made you decide to use this particular image for your op?

27 min later 53009916 Anonymous
>>53009892 There's just something sad about it. It inspires such a melancholic feeling in me. I have quite a few images like that, ones that just inspire strange emotions in me

40 min later 53010021 Anonymous (1560910942903.png 717x1000 695kB)
>>53009916 Post more, I quite like that feeling.

44 min later 53010055 Anonymous (A0CEB1DD-911D-4789-A7B6-7447F888CCFF.jpg 1200x675 146kB)
>>53009916 I'd be happy too. There's something calming about melancholy

46 min later 53010079 Anonymous (BB16ADE7-F859-4ACD-89A5-384B965377EE.jpg 1920x1080 405kB)
>>53010021 I like you anon. Thank you for being with me right now

54 min later 53010131 Anonymous (1557794066335.jpg 1600x1600 1159kB)
>>53010079 Of course fren. We're all outcasts here.

57 min later 53010148 Anonymous (F4DA5A75-B81A-43E3-9CFE-D97524F419EA.jpg 2894x2894 1363kB)
>>53010131 Anon can I tell you something? Something that's been troubling me?

1 hours later 53010175 Anonymous (1510094231422.jpg 1700x1200 253kB)
>>53010148 I'm listening, go ahead.

1 hours later 53010190 Anonymous (free soul.jpg 500x500 63kB)
https://youtu.be/0iwr8jPE-U4 Hi anons

1 hours later 53010212 Anonymous (C49E52A5-5C87-4791-8F95-5101EEF81998.png 1340x811 1841kB)
>>53010175 I'm afraid Anon. I'm not long for this world... two, three years maybe. I'm staring into the abyss and I'm filled with fear. I'm afraid. I'm so very afraid.

1 hours later 53010245 Anonymous (1553726039521.jpg 2000x1091 549kB)
>>53010212 What are you afraid of anon? Original comment

1 hours later 53010266 Anonymous (C6CD310F-9704-4E2E-A490-0BABA5174EC3.jpg 1920x1080 261kB)
>>53010245 I'm afraid of death. I don't want to go yet. It's just too soon. I've barely done anything yet. There's places I want to see. Shows I want to watch. Things I want to do. But I just don't have the time. I fear the cold. The idea of non existence. Contemplating my mortality has been so terrifying.

1 hours later 53010278 Anonymous (Holding anon against the ground and redying my free hand for the most lethal tummy tickle they'll ever receive.jpg 676x380 32kB)
>>53009709 *hug* I want to squeeze the life out of someone with overwhelming affection! How are you doing today? Do you like Krautrock? >>53009737 What is that like? >>53009892 Ooh I'm going to hug you gently *hugs you gently* ehehe! ^-^

1 hours later 53010279 Anonymous (akashic_records-e1552036348141-696x407.jpg 696x407 85kB)
>>53010212 What's gonna do you in? >tfw going to die before knowing everything

1 hours later 53010300 Anonymous
>>53009763 Doesnt caffeine without food fuck you up? It always fucks me up, gives me the shakes and I want to die.

1 hours later 53010302 Anonymous
>>53010278 I'd like a hug right now. I'm feeling just a bit down. And I've never listened too it I'm afraid. >>53010279 My losing fight with cancer. Doc says this time isn't looking good at all. Part of me is just happy it'll finally be over. But damn am I afraid

1 hours later 53010337 Anonymous
>>53010302 Damn. What kind?

1 hours later 53010346 Anonymous (tumblr_p3dpqct3XF1wxn8y6o1_400.jpg 400x570 45kB)
>>53010337 I'd rather not say if that's alright

1 hours later 53010349 Anonymous (1557191934518.gif 320x320 155kB)
>>53010278 I don't get much of a rush from the ice. It's impressive how much it makes you focused and awake. Much better than caffeine or adderall in my opinion.

1 hours later 53010369 Anonymous
>>53010346 That's fine. I've had family with cancer before, so I wonder about these things sometimes.

1 hours later 53010381 Anonymous (mississippi.jpg 1920x1080 355kB)
>>53010302 I wanna giv u a big hug anon, im sorry... ; ___ ;

1 hours later 53010388 Anonymous
>>53010302 That blows, I hope that you can somehow beat it and go on to do cool shit.

1 hours later 53010403 Anonymous
>>53010266 Isnt it unimaginable how normal people just live completely oblivious of existential dread? Its like they dont even give it a hint of thought. Their existence could be a passing thought and they are completely happy with their morning coffee.

1 hours later 53010430 Anonymous
>>53010381 Thank you. I'd really like a hug. >>53010403 I'm kinda glad they don't. Knowing how short my life is and thinking about all that comes with that is... hard. It's interesting but hard.

1 hours later 53010461 Anonymous (Squeezing anon from behind with compelling affection, gosh they are so cute when they're tired!.jpg 795x1000 121kB)
>>53010302 *soft hugs* there anon, I'm going to hug you and never stop! >>53010349 I imagine it'd wake you up, just cold water is enough to make me alert, but ice must be on another plane.

1 hours later 53010483 Anonymous
>>53009709 >anything How big is your ballsack?

1 hours later 53010489 Anonymous
>>53010430 >he doesn't know about the paranormal dumb

2 hours later 53010526 Anonymous
>>53009709 did she hang the kids? based

2 hours later 53010533 Anonymous
>>53010131 is the design of the female character trying to display that humans are chaped by their memories? if so, it's my favorite picture

2 hours later 53010550 Anonymous (1553726443212.jpg 2000x1418 759kB)
>>53010533 I've never thought about it that way but that's a good interpretation

2 hours later 53010552 Anonymous
>>53009709 Why is there an unrelated military photo in that pic?

2 hours later 53010632 Anonymous
>>53010552 Look at the scar on the nose. It's the same woman

2 hours later 53010662 Anonymous
>>53010632 I don't get it, did she went back in time?

2 hours later 53010691 Anonymous
>>53010483 dude that's fucked the guy may have testicular cancer and here you are saying shit like this

2 hours later 53010785 Anonymous
>>53010550 I interpreted it as her being a personification of all the generic anime waifus the dude's looked at through his life for oxytocin. Essentially, his composite imaginary girlfriend/waifu.

2 hours later 53010798 Anonymous
>>53010785 >generic anime waifus the dude's looked at through his life for oxytocin. Damn sad but true.

2 hours later 53010853 Anonymous
>>53010662 does this nigga really not understand how a photograph works

2 hours later 53010874 Anonymous (DA562C4A-251B-4041-89C3-301C30423E2A.jpg 500x321 47kB)
>>53010691 Well if he has protoste cancer I can help with that

2 hours later 53010886 Anonymous
>>53010785 damn dude, that makes more sense and pretty sad too, the fact that he seems fine with his state is true melanchony, the guy lost hope on real girls

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