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2019-06-21 11:05 53009705 Anonymous (Untitled-2.png 350x315 35kB)

3 min later 53009743 Anonymous
I'm 6"5' and I can't drive a tank because of that. You can. Don't be so sad and start driving a tank. I bet it's awesome.

5 min later 53009761 Anonymous
>>53009743 Hey another 6"5' dude. I wanted to fly air force jets, but apparently I don't fit in them

10 min later 53009797 Anonymous (Ck.jpg 1080x999 342kB)
>>53009743 >>53009761 Why are you doing this to me, stop this

17 min later 53009853 Anonymous
>>53009761 Sorry man. Iktf.

22 min later 53009885 Anonymous
>>53009743 Seriously, fuck, fuck I wanted to do military training and you tell me I can't be tanker? Shit. >>53009797 Being too tall have it drawbacks, not as many as being too short, but still, everybody faces some shit anon. Buying clothes is kind of nightmarish and I often hit things with my head.

29 min later 53009927 Anonymous
If you're 5'7" why aren't you going out and getting a gf? Super easy unless you're fat.

30 min later 53009939 Anonymous (1531347293_1i32uVtluxA.jpg 1080x1080 191kB)
I'm 5'8 and the girl I like is around 6'. Her female friends are always telling her she should get a boyfriend and I know I'm not even an option because she wants someone taller than her. As far as I know she's never been in a relationship in the last nine years except some dates. At this point I just hope they find someone for her quickly so I can get this shit out of my head. On a side note I replayed Hotline Miami 2 yesterday. Good fun.

34 min later 53009981 Anonymous
>>53009885 The thing is rational people will understand that both tall and short guys have their issues but taller guys are largely more favored by the general public than short guys, ignoring any problems they have anyways. Where as it is more socially acceptable to make fun of short guys just like we can with fat people where it would have been ignored or overlooked if you were tall.

36 min later 53009994 Anonymous
>>53009705 5'7 is a very average height and and there's lots of short cuties, chill. I'm 5'8 and my really hot girl next door type gf is 5'5

36 min later 53009999 Anonymous (i want this.jpg 548x1075 114kB)
>>53009939 Let her know that you are interested. You have to get the thought of height out of your mind. Most girls don't care about it if you dont care about it.

37 min later 53010004 Anonymous
>>53009981 I cope by relating to Putin

38 min later 53010010 Anonymous (1535642570909.jpg 327x322 19kB)
>>53009927 No its not, im fairly fit and I tried all my highschool years to get a gf, but at most girls only said that im cute, I almost had a relationship with a mute girl but she changed schools because of bullying and lost contact with her

39 min later 53010018 Anonymous
>>53010010 >but at most girls only said that im cute Fuck I hate when a girl says I am cute. Absolute sure fire way to tell that you wont have a chance with her. Or worse if she says you are adorable all the time as well as cute.

40 min later 53010020 Anonymous (1557129434759.png 500x449 200kB)
>be 5'11, maybe 6'0? It' so close to 6'0 when I measure myself >get called tall by everyone I wish people would stop laughing at me.

41 min later 53010028 Anonymous
>>53009705 5'5 fembot here. At least you're still taller than me lol

42 min later 53010037 Anonymous
>>53009939 >she wants someone taller than her How do you know this? Because most tall girls end up dating shorter guys.

43 min later 53010051 Anonymous
>>53010010 Figure out what you're doing wrong. At 5'7" and being fit you've got all the elements to slay pussy like mad. Look at all the other guys your height and observe how they get girls.

44 min later 53010056 Anonymous
I'm also a 5'7 manlet and I always thought that that's my biggest problem. But than a girl rejected me and got a 5'6 boyfriend. Being a midget is not a guaranteed deal breaker, being a manlet AND framelet is. I'm working out now to try to compensate but even if I become very buff I'll only maybe will have average limb/torso thickness i.e. overall mass.

49 min later 53010100 Anonymous
>>53009999 Nice fucking quads But seriously though, good advice. Ironically enough a lot of the guys on this board care about and obsess over their image like vapid college it-girls, except with this huge annoying self defeatist attitude. Stop giving a fuck and shoot your shot, and if she rejects she's just shallow and you'll know to move on

55 min later 53010133 Anonymous
>>53009999 >>53010037 I don't really give a crap about my height but she complains about dwarves every single time she gets a chance to talk about dating. She's also a friend of mine and I enjoy her company. I think having things go further would make both of us miserable. She's kinda of a rich daddy's girl if you get the type. What bothers me the most is not being able to get over it. I used to be the happiest neet wizard ever thanks to a rich inheritance and a group of nerdy friends and now it's all gone. It sucks to finally find an equilibrium only to lose it after a couple of years.

1 hours later 53010170 Anonymous (6B69D971-D25A-47FA-9BE6-C13E9701D2A8.jpg 210x240 19kB)
>5'5" crush is dating a 5'5" dwarf They look cute together

1 hours later 53010199 Anonymous (SOMA-cringe-meme.png 600x692 514kB)
Shortbots, you have chance. I'm around 6'0, and a 5'5-5'6 manlet stole my crush from me in college. Though she was only 5'0 - 5'2 if I can remember correctly. But you faggots still have a chance, have some hope!

1 hours later 53010203 Anonymous (fb1.png 438x503 124kB)
Hold me guys, im drifting away

1 hours later 53010225 Anonymous (hm2grip.jpg 549x549 164kB)
>>53010203 You gotta get a grip, man.

1 hours later 53010262 Anonymous
>>53010133 She sounds bitchy ngl, shoot your shot anyways though and if it fails find someone new

1 hours later 53010268 Anonymous (Redpilled.png 616x664 16kB)
>>53010225 I would if these whores at least showed some goddamn respect

1 hours later 53010297 Anonymous
>>53010262 That would be the easy way out. It's what I usually do but she's in our group of friends so if it fails (and it will because I know for sure she's not interested in me) it will cause a huge amount of trouble in my social network. It's a lose-lose situation.

1 hours later 53010298 Anonymous
>>53010268 Who are those whores and how are they disrespecting you?

1 hours later 53010308 Anonymous
>>53010203 >>53010225 >>53010268 >tfw jannies are literally the main enemy of the game

1 hours later 53010309 Anonymous (rich.jpg 194x260 7kB)
>>53010268 Do you like hurting other people? Do you, fatso?

1 hours later 53010320 Anonymous
>>53009705 >>53010203 >>53010225 >>53010268 >>53010309 I swear hotline miami is really popular on this board for some reason, especially wrong number. What's the deal with that?

1 hours later 53010334 Anonymous (2e3b7cd.png 1710x2600 59kB)
>>53010320 Kids love nihilism

1 hours later 53010395 Anonymous
>>53009705 My uncle is the same height >engineer >married a stockbroker that was a model to pay for her college >she is 5 9 >Now she is a SAHM and they have 8 kids No excuses

2 hours later 53010608 Anonymous
>>53010320 I think it's because is a fun game.

2 hours later 53010952 Anonymous
>>53009705 >Imperial system Ewwww lmao ahahahahss

3 hours later 53011103 Anonymous
>>53009761 Im 191cm and the cutoff is 190cm.

3 hours later 53011395 Anonymous
>tfw 6 ft >taller than most people but seem much shorter than anyone about 6ft

3 hours later 53011405 Anonymous
>>53010395 >Now she is a SAHM Well, he clearly fucked up there then

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