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2019-06-21 11:05 53009704 Anonymous WTF i love belle delphine now (D9is1PKU0AAvFDU.jpg 982x648 76kB)
>bait her beta orbiters into giving her million likes >post troll videos getting getting 1.5 million views, more exposure, and prob ad/premium revenue. >her patreon numbers go up >still hasnt posted nudes >beta orbiters eternally BTFO name a more based female...ill wait

0 min later 53009713 Anonymous
>>53009704 >name a more based female...ill wait Every fembot

2 min later 53009725 Anonymous
Stop shilling e-thots. https://yiff.party/patreon/7330723

3 min later 53009735 Anonymous (lol.jpg 258x245 12kB)
>>53009713 >fembot >fem-bot >fem >F E M

6 min later 53009770 Anonymous
>>53009704 I can guarantee she will end up with a black mamba between her legs before the end of the decade

7 min later 53009776 Anonymous
I don't want to be rude to this girl 'cause she's cute, but I swear internet virgins will lose their mind any time a pretty girl says the name of something they're into. Good for her, I hope she uses the money well.

9 min later 53009788 Anonymous
>>53009770 >black mamba Kekt

11 min later 53009808 Anonymous
>>53009713 >Every fembot are you retarded? Fembots are almost all stacys that are less attractive failed wannabe Belles by pretending to be innocent. Belle literally claims to be a thot and is extremely redpilled. If a robot woke up in a hot girls body they'd behave exactly like belle.

13 min later 53009819 Anonymous (ky3120okgl721.jpg 888x1551 59kB)
>>53009704 >name a more based female Nyannyancosplay

13 min later 53009824 Anonymous
>>53009704 I thought it was obvious that this is what she was going to do. Did people actually believe she was going to post porn of herself?

16 min later 53009846 Anonymous
>>53009819 >literally looks like a dude >pretends to be innocent to get the absolute most beta males to orbit >really a slut stacy

18 min later 53009854 Anonymous
>>53009725 what a fucking site this is

18 min later 53009857 Anonymous
>>53009846 Why are you describing belle

18 min later 53009858 Anonymous
>>53009819 >female >Nyannyancosplay

19 min later 53009866 Anonymous
>>53009819 She seems cool desu. Seems like she used to be just some girl having fun before the weird meme-obsessed people flooded onto her life

21 min later 53009873 Anonymous
>>53009858 T. faggot obsessed with trannies

21 min later 53009876 Anonymous (DuPgrVqW0AAzLTy.jpg 993x1200 170kB)
>>53009824 All the normies and super beta cucks did >betafags who actually pay for her patron on suicide watch all week >betafags relieved she didnt post any nudes and going to pay more for patreon HAHAHA get BTFO beta orbiters

21 min later 53009881 Anonymous
>>53009873 >being mad at facts

23 min later 53009890 Anonymous
>>53009881 Yeah yeah sure thing reiko

23 min later 53009893 Anonymous (62267044_2266549176747691_3234549283229303065_n.jpg 1080x1350 72kB)
>>53009857 >being this gay if belle had bigger tits she would be the epitome of female physique yeah shes a whore but if you wouldnt youre a liar. shes objectively hot and feminine

25 min later 53009904 Anonymous (7ef5f08a-c412-483e-8a20-37649041f722.jpg 450x461 59kB)
>>53009893 the actual state of bellefags

26 min later 53009909 Anonymous
>>53009893 she has no ass and her legs arent thick enough either. she'd be nothing without makeup and wigs

27 min later 53009912 Anonymous (1561099801852.png 613x825 660kB)
>>53009893 I'll take any high-school girl over her. Shes a sack of bones. And a femlet.

27 min later 53009914 Anonymous
>>53009893 She isn't hot, she's flat. Her face is cute and that's it.

28 min later 53009919 Anonymous
All of her orbiters deserve no respect and should die

28 min later 53009920 Anonymous
>>53009893 Premium quality bait right here, lads

28 min later 53009922 Anonymous
>>53009866 >she used to be just some girl having fun before the weird meme-obsessed people flooded onto her life >wear kinky revealing outfit >aware of internet culture (nyannyan cat is really old meme) >creates a patron for beta orbiters She knew exactly what she was doing and is playing dumb so fags like you pay her. Shes a failed wannabe Belle. Belle is smart and business savvy. I bet we see nyannyan nudes before we will of belle

29 min later 53009929 Anonymous
>>53009922 >I bet we see nyannyan nudes before we will of belle Amen

32 min later 53009949 Anonymous (CjcQBE6.jpg 362x346 38kB)
>>53009922 O...kay? I didn't even know she had a patreon. Or care much about her nudes or whatever else. I just saw the meme when everyone was losing their crap about it and then saw an interview she did about it. She mostly just sounded kinda stressed about the whole deal.

32 min later 53009954 Anonymous
>>53009912 This bitch is 37 bro.

33 min later 53009959 Anonymous
>>53009893 Have you ever seen her without makeup? She's below avarage at best, and looks like a little boy with ruined skin due to excessive makeup.

34 min later 53009967 Anonymous
>>53009959 that's what every girl looks like

34 min later 53009970 Anonymous
>>53009922 Wait nyannyan has a patreon? I retract everything, she isn't based at all

35 min later 53009982 Anonymous
>>53009922 >"nyannyan is a failed wannabe Belle." >she's a failed failure So a success?

35 min later 53009987 Anonymous
>>53009967 Can assure you that you're wrong, she's below avarage, no doubt about it.

37 min later 53009998 Anonymous
>>53009912 >Shes a sack of bones. And a femlet isnt she 5'6? also you literally posted a stick figure that reads "no personality".

38 min later 53010008 Anonymous (implying you wouldnt.jpg 692x948 356kB)
>>53009893 >hot and feminine she sure is!

38 min later 53010009 Anonymous
>>53009987 nope average girls are chunky or brown in America

38 min later 53010011 Anonymous
>>53009998 >also you literally posted a stick figure that reads "no personality" From that one pic we gather she's interested in atheticism/sports. With all her material, all we can say about Belle's personality is that she's a thot.

41 min later 53010024 Anonymous (TRINITY___GedaliaGershon.jpg 480x480 20kB)
"Vengeance is mine; it is mine to repay," says the Lord.

41 min later 53010026 Anonymous
>>53009949 >She mostly just sounded kinda stressed about the whole deal. >"pls pity me im just a poor innocent girl. heres a patreon where you can donate your sympathy bux to." Belle literally wears thot as a badge. if you pay for her content its literally your fault. shes not trying to manipulate peoples feelings. she knows cucks will pay regardless. She literally disrespects her patreon payers by this pornhub stunt and is prob going to make more money than ever now

44 min later 53010060 Anonymous
>>53010009 Oh that sucks, I've had a school trip in monaco many years ago, the girls there are all very pretty for some reason, model tier, if you consider belle without makeup avarage, even the damn muslim ones, that are usually hideous in my country, were very pretty.

46 min later 53010071 Anonymous
>>53010026 what pornhub stunt? sorry I'm out of the loop

46 min later 53010072 Anonymous (DpZtT9wWsAA39Pw.jpg 393x331 18kB)
>>53010026 I'm glad she's business savvy I guess? I'm not too sure where you're getting at here, mate.

46 min later 53010074 Anonymous
>>53010024 Fuck off back to your containment board, Tooker.

46 min later 53010076 Anonymous (DvStA2ZX4AEColY.jpg 1024x682 145kB)
>>53009959 that picture of the little boy with acne is not her. it looks nothing like her if you actually look at each feature independently. its some kind of photoshop/eye trick in the thumbnail. look at it again if someone posts it. heres what she really looks like without excessive makeup aside from eyeliner

49 min later 53010098 Anonymous (D9i6EpPWwAAhW0Z.jpg 1200x675 93kB)
>>53010071 >makes ig post saying if she gets 1million likes she will make pornhub account >she gets 1 million likes in 24 hours >3 days later while her patreon cucks are on suicide watch, she posts like 12 videos of her trolling with clickbait titles like OP's initial picture. >betas seething

51 min later 53010109 Anonymous
>>53010072 im saying if you think nyantrap is more based than belle youre fucking retarded basically my ethot is superior to your ethot

52 min later 53010112 Anonymous
>>53010098 >kek Wtf I love belle now

52 min later 53010116 Anonymous
How can you niggers still keep giving a fuck about some dumb ethot? These threads are becoming more annoying than tranny threads

53 min later 53010120 Anonymous (1548738401947.jpg 1280x720 69kB)
>>53010109 Well first of all I would never use the word based, second of all I don't really know this belle girl apart from the fact that she's big on /r9k/ and I don't know why or how they'd compete? I really was only saying I felt bad for the nyan girl.

53 min later 53010122 Anonymous (1530056533967.png 719x630 731kB)
>>53010098 kek thank you for filling me in anon

54 min later 53010127 Anonymous (belle.jpg 1080x600 96kB)
>>53009987 >she's below avarage, no doubt about it. she looks really different but shes def above average. her eyes are a bit chinky

56 min later 53010137 Anonymous
>>53010120 >I felt bad for the nyan girl. you shouldnt

57 min later 53010146 Anonymous (Dvu_o3jWwAEtG-0.jpg 565x572 42kB)
>>53010127 this is another one with no makeup. she might be part asian

58 min later 53010155 Anonymous
>>53009982 2 wrongs dont make a right, old sport

59 min later 53010164 Anonymous
>>53010120 why do you feel bad for any thot

1 hours later 53010168 Anonymous
>>53010164 Cuz I don't like it when people are sad

1 hours later 53010172 Anonymous
I can respect the hustle. If I had her appearance and no self respect I'd do what she does too.

1 hours later 53010182 Anonymous
>>53010146 Possibly, but considering where she lives, I'm assuming North European origins (and I mean REALLY North).

1 hours later 53010198 Anonymous
>>53009770 you realize the decade ends in under 6 months? this was her stunt for the year.

1 hours later 53010208 Anonymous (1527604638135.jpg 599x501 44kB)
>>53010182 Just googled it cause I'm curious, apparently, she's from South Africa. Who would've thunk?

1 hours later 53010217 Anonymous
>>53010076 Damn, africans look like THAT?

1 hours later 53010227 Anonymous
>>53010182 but she doesnt have blonde/red hair or blue eyes. >>53010172 i remember in runescape id pretend to be peoples gf and theyd give me partyhats and millions of gp

1 hours later 53010288 Anonymous
>>53010076 >>53010127 It seems like you dont know what no make-up really is. Understandable, since you never had a gf and the only girls you see are on an lcd monitor.

1 hours later 53010292 Anonymous (14632895_10209223824144686_3430787007897770208_n.jpg 640x640 73kB)
>>53010208 her last name is Kirschner forebears point to german-austria origins for that name >tfw shes anglo-aryan af hngggg

1 hours later 53010310 Anonymous (43216743.jpg 885x968 365kB)
>>53010292 Well I mean if any African country is gonna have a German/Austrian it'd be South Africa.

1 hours later 53010315 Anonymous
>>53010288 see >>53010146 she might have foundation to cover redness but it seems like she takes care of her skin

1 hours later 53010319 Anonymous
>>53010168 thots don't have feelings, they display emotional signifiers to attract prey. don't fall for their tricks

1 hours later 53010331 Anonymous
>>53010319 I don't really see what good would do me to limit my empathy to people. It's not like I'm going to give them money or anything

1 hours later 53010347 Anonymous
It's amazing what dyed hair, makeup, and cosplaying gets you as a girl.

1 hours later 53010384 Anonymous
>>53010347 she doesnt dye. she wears a wig

1 hours later 53010432 Anonymous (4420aae65cd488dae5771d929d0b1268.jpg 1024x681 107kB)
>>53010347 not every girl cosplayer is doing as well as her. idk ethot market share but i imagine belle is leading. like who tf is in second place? jessica nigri? mudrat pokimane? Belle is also pretty redpilled and tells it like it is too. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Li7 x9wldooM

1 hours later 53010472 Anonymous
yah not gonna read that shit. why do you care about some whore and make a thread about it? The only women you should seriously care about are your mother and other female relatives.

1 hours later 53010484 Anonymous (belle..jpg 410x676 65kB)
>>53010347 Honestly it gives you a whole other life. despite her massive popularity no one really knows much about her. if she passed you outside with no makeup you wouldnt recognize her. you never see people post creep pics of her spotted outside like they do with other e-celebs. i bet shes trying to make as much money as possible and then she will quit the delphine character and live a normal quiet NEET life.

1 hours later 53010485 Anonymous
>>53010432 I hate meme obsessed men, I have no reason to not hate meme obsessed women

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