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2019-06-21 11:00 53009665 Anonymous (107000006.jpg 906x1280 156kB)
>no trannies >no gays >no roasties >neets preferred new, sizeable server for meeting other neets, hikkis and discussing things /TM5wYdj

2 min later 53009682 Anonymous
>>53009665 why would I want to surround myself with loser NEETs? pathetic fucks

3 min later 53009690 Anonymous
>>53009665 >no trannies, no gays, no roasties >gunjy Pick one

11 min later 53009769 Anonymous
Don't join, has female

32 min later 53009913 Anonymous
>>53009690 but gunjy isn't there?

2 hours later 53010868 Anonymous
>>53009665 OP you lying faggot there is a roastie in there

2 hours later 53010919 Anonymous
>>53009665 Why not find bussy?

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