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2019-06-21 10:58 53009652 Anonymous (1561107379128.jpg 789x536 76kB)
What should we do with the leftover women?

1 min later 53009663 Anonymous
>>53009652 Give me one so I can love her and provide for her and make her happy

31 min later 53009897 Anonymous
>>53009652 I'm going to be honest with you all now. I generally think of Chinese policy as something to hold away from oneself between two fingers, the social credit system, the past communist uprisings, the government being in bed with corporations, the news being a mouthpiece for the government (though that's true in most places, unfortunately), etc, and I generally turn my nose up when it's suggested we should ever do as China has. But this. This I can get behind, mostly. I only have some minor issues with number 3, but otherwise it's actually good advice.

51 min later 53010058 Anonymous
>>53009652 lol China is negging the fuck out of its collective female populace like some desperate PUA douche

53 min later 53010078 Anonymous
>>53009652 Why are the chinese so based. >not original apparently

54 min later 53010081 Anonymous
>>53009897 >I only have some minor issues with number 3 I agree. I don't think that infidelity should be socially acceptable for either gender.

59 min later 53010117 Anonymous
>>53010081 How did you know it was that one? Just logical?

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