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2019-06-21 10:49 53009580 Anonymous (jotaro-high.jpg 2304x3310 908kB)
>this is the average Japanese teenager how the fuck can we compete

1 min later 53009592 Anonymous (italen.jpg 1280x720 105kB)
>>53009580 Italian here. Heard you fellows had a nip problem or some shit. Sup?

2 min later 53009606 Anonymous
>>53009580 >how the fuck can we compete You can't. Unless you adapt and become fabulous. Sa! Become fabulous!

30 min later 53009830 Anonymous
>japanese teenager >photo is of a half jap half american teenager okay retard

2 hours later 53010775 Anonymous
>>53009830 t. unfabulous scrub

2 hours later 53010806 Anonymous
this shitty manga came out 40 years ago and faggots wont shut up about it because theyre too casual to just read the manga

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