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2019-06-21 10:45 53009560 Anonymous (54facae8b173363b0084656f63054777.jpg 428x640 56kB)
Does anyone want to talk with me on discord ? I wouldn't mind checking out servers as well. I've been stuck in a rut for what feels like years now and I'm just trying to maybe connect with people and maybe make a friend. We can talk about anime and play video games on the ps4 and pc if you like. I just really want someone I can really get along with because I don't really get along with myself now a days. Kongou#2016 that's with a capital K.

2 min later 53009578 Anonymous
>>53009560 No I wouldn't anon

4 min later 53009591 Anonymous
>because I don't really get along with myself now a days. what do you mean?

7 min later 53009612 Anonymous
>>53009560 >Kongou#2016 wrong numbers anon wont let me add you just add me instead lmao Kris #2024

9 min later 53009621 Anonymous
Surely you already have people to talk to after shilling your gaycord?

9 min later 53009627 Anonymous
>>53009560 wrong tag you dummy

11 min later 53009645 Anonymous
>>53009560 Can't add you OP, I'm sorry

12 min later 53009655 Anonymous
>>53009645 By that I mean that I tried and it failed not anything else lol

15 min later 53009672 Anonymous
Nice I take it your a girl?

18 min later 53009694 Anonymous
>>53009655 Add me at BereftBeret#1741 if you want htough

22 min later 53009736 Anonymous
>>53009672 Is this the shut in meme ? That's an old one honestly. >>53009591 I'm unhappy but at the same time I'm content I don't know what to think or feel and I'm currently just existing. >>53009621 Nope Also I'm sorry I wrote the wrong tag friends. It's #Kongou2106.

27 min later 53009783 Anonymous
>>53009560 Box of Rain#2487 add me eventiolly I ja seem inteeersttting but I'm so not lmao lmao

28 min later 53009787 Anonymous
>>53009736 sent you a friend request anon please don't be some underage zoomer

32 min later 53009815 Anonymous
>>53009736 >I don't really get along with myself now a days. Aw, hope you get well soon. Check out Sons of Saturn server?

33 min later 53009829 Anonymous
>>53009815 sons of saturn oh great it's you mongoloids again isn't it? can you just not shill your shitty server some of us legit just wanna make friends

35 min later 53009844 Anonymous
>>53009829 Not OP but can you explain what you mean? Is Sons of Saturn one of those cultist servers? tranny shit again? >some of us legit just wanna make friends Couldnt agree more, this is why Im wary of all discord shit nowadays. Like whats the point in collecting users, stay there you stupid fucks

39 min later 53009868 Anonymous
>>53009844 oh no it's nothing like that it's just full of shallow toxic uppity nearly soulless retards that all circle jerk eachother

40 min later 53009871 Anonymous
>>53009787 I'm not don't worry, I'm 25. >>53009815 That sever is absolute shit man. >>53009844 It's just a server where they try to collect as many people as they can, loads of underage fags also well just fags in general there.

3 hours later 53011057 Anonymous
>>53009871 quite simply join aDfZqV. just started, should be active later

4 hours later 53011748 Anonymous
Oh it's you again, forgot to add you from the other thread you make Feel free to add if you want entropy#2160 No PS4 though

5 hours later 53012140 Anonymous
can I use this thread to get a e-friend maybe e-bf?

5 hours later 53012153 Anonymous
>>53012140 why would you want that lole

5 hours later 53012164 Anonymous
>>53012140 can you be my e-gf? or my actual gf?

5 hours later 53012171 Anonymous
>>53012153 Im lonely bored and would like someone to talk to a lot and give lots of affection

5 hours later 53012189 Anonymous
>>53012140 >>53012171 Only if you're a biological female and can confirm it.

5 hours later 53012195 Anonymous
>>53012164 >gf sorry no. Im a boy.

5 hours later 53012198 Anonymous
>>53012195 boys can be gfs too cutie

5 hours later 53012226 Anonymous
>>53012198 okay sounds good, then give me your discord please.

5 hours later 53012227 Anonymous
>>53012171 help me then I'm bored right now felloutabed#1442 dunno about relationships though

5 hours later 53012269 Anonymous (1535348474373.jpg 270x360 21kB)
Tae#9319 Def not a smol azn girl.

5 hours later 53012410 Anonymous
>>53012269 stop catfishing, you fucking trannies

5 hours later 53012454 Anonymous
>>53012410 I'm clearly telling you I'm not a qt smol azn girl.

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