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2019-06-21 10:36 53009490 Anonymous (1200px-Anarchist_flag.svg.png 1200x800 3kB)
Any fellow anarchists?

7 min later 53009542 Anonymous
in a selfish sort of way yes. But ive found it politics are completely controlled and thus useless to even speculate on due to the fact that we without the gold will not now or ever have any true say or sway in it

22 min later 53009651 Anonymous
Anarchy is a transition between a lack of command, not an ideal state, it will never really be a form of society, it's even more of a meme than ancaps

24 min later 53009666 Anonymous (1481082972080.png 1016x547 10kB)
>>53009490 Yes. Unoriginally yes;

25 min later 53009677 Anonymous
>>53009490 I don't get why anarchism seems to be innately tied with the fight for blacks and women, when it should philosophically be the most selfish and egoistic of all ideologies

29 min later 53009715 Anonymous
>>53009542 >>53009666 please be my anarcho-communist boyfriend, leftypol is full of snobs. thanks.

33 min later 53009752 Anonymous
>>53009715 You want two boyfriends and one of them a capitalist?

42 min later 53009821 Anonymous
>>53009677 Because, as i said in the previous post, anarchism is a lack of power, be it central or decentralized, anarchism is chaos, and society simply cannot function in chaos, that's why ancap and commie core anarcs are just memes that lay there with the purpose of being made fun of, since strictly low IQs could not understand these base facts.

1 hours later 53009947 Anonymous (dc3gdld-70ba516f-8e35-46fe-80ac-897536780621.jpg 442x347 38kB)
Ideal society would be one when everybody can select a for of government to live in. But I can imagine this only in a science fiction scenario with cheap FTL and practically limitless number of habitable planets. You want hoppean anarcho-monarchism? Ethnostate? Tankie regime? Libertarian utopia? Theocracy? Syndycalist commune? Go and do that.

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