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2019-06-21 10:34 53009472 Anonymous (black wojack.jpg 202x250 5kB)
reminder to lightskins: your not black and you never will be so stop overcompensating by growing out your afro and talking in an exaggerated ghetto accent. its cringeworthy and only makes real black people look bad.

1 min later 53009483 Anonymous
>>53009472 >tfw slav, Italian, and Turk Im black enough nigga

5 min later 53009518 Anonymous
>light skin niggers act like niggers >get mocked >light skin niggers act white >get mocked Why do black people hate them so much

8 min later 53009538 Anonymous
reminder to blackskins... White women will always fuck you because they are less likely to know you personally and believe the big black cock meme.

11 min later 53009558 Anonymous
Is the one drop rule legit?

17 min later 53009602 Anonymous
>>53009518 our mutual hate for them keeps mutts out of the african genepool and strengthens our bond

18 min later 53009611 Anonymous (virginity helmet.jpg 483x512 176kB)
>>53009558 no actually i myself am half black but look 100% white except for my natural hair being really nappy. I straighten it though

20 min later 53009617 Anonymous
>>53009472 >tfw greek and have a jewfro People always tell me I have a black persons hair. Im sorry blackbots I dont have anything against you please dont cringe at my hair.

24 min later 53009650 Anonymous
>>53009617 rip do you at least straighten it? if you dont youll never get a girlfriend because they see that as a bad genetic trait. i straightened my jewfro and women finally noticed me

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