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2019-06-21 10:31 53009448 Anonymous (Q2_P3Hero_NoGradient.png 190x500 73kB)
Hi, please bully and abuse me.

2 min later 53009470 Anonymous
Okay. Have a contact then?

4 min later 53009485 Anonymous (Mfw+i+cant+tie+knots+but+still+want+to+join+_d.jpg 300x300 17kB)
>>53009470 You can do it right here, I'm too anxious to reveal something like that

6 min later 53009508 Anonymous
>>53009485 Its no fun if it's not one-on-one. At least tell us something about yourself. Someone as pathetic to make a thread like this has to have some skeletons in his closet, wouldn't you say?~

11 min later 53009541 Anonymous (2rz5kli.jpg.png 620x877 291kB)
>>53009508 I'm socially incompetent, have anxiety, am a shut-in, have no close bonds, have eating problems, am underweight, and I'm a weak and feminine looking boy.

21 min later 53009610 Anonymous
>>53009541 Seems like the prime makings of a loser to me. Do you not even have a job? School?

25 min later 53009641 Anonymous (Couldve+also+mentioned+persona+3+protag+_b8913.png 720x720 417kB)
>>53009610 School, everyone hates me because I act so aloof and skip classes that scare me, mostly presentations, forsaking my group in the process. I mostly just get ignored though. Prime loser material indeed.

27 min later 53009661 Anonymous
>>53009641 Work too actually, my coworkers despise being paired with me because I'm slow and retarded.

30 min later 53009681 Anonymous
>>53009661 Ohh?~ What kind of job do you have? Don't tell me it's some near minimum wage bullcrap...

32 min later 53009697 kappu (image0344324243.jpg 1382x1270 404kB)
this thread is quite gay

33 min later 53009700 Anonymous
>>53009697 >weeb faggot begging to get shit talked What tipped you off?

34 min later 53009714 kappu (1560571866257.jpg 359x391 51kB)
>>53009700 eh, it's just pretty pathetic. more pathetic than usual i suppose.

34 min later 53009717 Anonymous (Yuuki.Makoto.(PERSONA.3).full.206780.jpg 750x750 137kB)
>>53009681 It is, I work in retail and stock shelves, barely pays at all.

38 min later 53009758 Anonymous
>>53009717 Haha, how ridiculous~ I'd say that you'd at least have going to school going for you, but from what you've said, it doesn't even sound like you're taking that seriously! Skipping classes because of some meme "anxiety." What do you even spend your money on? Weeb shit I'm guessing? Or maybe something else? I can't imagine you'd be paying any sort of rent.

43 min later 53009794 Anonymous (Yuuki.Makoto.(PERSONA.3).full.1635118.jpg 750x530 385kB)
>>53009697 >>53009700 >>53009714 I know, being pathetic is one of the few things I'm decent at. >>53009758 I buy stuff like a drawing tablet which I then never use because all I can do is procastinate and indulge in mindless media consumption all day, I don't pay rent, I live with my parents.

49 min later 53009842 Anonymous
>>53009794 Of course you do, somebody like you will probably stay there your entire life, or at least until they get tired of your pathetic ass and throw you out~ Hmm, since you're not even going to post contact info, at least quit posting your weeb images and post something you've drawn so we can laugh at it! Surely you've drawn something, right? You bought a tablet, after all!

1 hours later 53009910 Anonymous (loner.jpg 899x1124 507kB)
>>53009842 Ahhh, I haven't drawn a thing because I can't even focus on my drawing studies, so I'll just keep being a weeb loser, and my parents will probably get sick of me eventually or just die, they did get me at an older age after all. Someone as pathetic as me won't be able to function in a real job, I can barely even do my current simple part-time job.

1 hours later 53009942 Anonymous
>>53009910 How are you not able to stock shelves? Lmao. Absolute fucking loser.

1 hours later 53009984 Anonymous (1556691277985.jpg 640x640 20kB)
>>53009942 I just constantly drop things, work too slowly, have trouble finding products, and disappoint my coworkers and supervisors. I fail at such a basic job, it's so incredibly pathetic.

1 hours later 53009991 Anonymous
>>53009448 slap your balls hard and moan like a bitch after you do it while enjoying the pain. >>53009448

1 hours later 53010000 Anonymous
>>53009448 Okay: >Ur mum gay.

1 hours later 53010006 Anonymous
>>53009984 I wonder if you'll get fired some day. I hope you do, maybe it will really drill into your head just how much of a loser you are~ Going to sleep, have fun continuing to be a retard, anon!

1 hours later 53010023 Anonymous (1445892366022-0.png 700x720 637kB)
>>53010006 Thank you for bullying me sadist anon, it made me feel warm and fuzzy while it hurt my heart at the same time. Good night

1 hours later 53010033 Anonymous
>>53009991 I don't like genital pain

1 hours later 53010041 Anonymous
>>53010023 I'm disgusted by the fact that you're just some fat, ugly, larper hiding behind cute anime girls. Post your real face you loser.

1 hours later 53010068 Anonymous
>>53010041 I'm not fat though, I'm underweight and young.

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