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2019-06-21 10:31 53009443 Anonymous (4chan tv poster.jpg 534x473 111kB)
>6,5 years until 40yo >still feel like 22yo Do you know that feeling?

1 min later 53009457 Anonymous (E7949DE5-EE8C-49D1-B690-63FC9905CD6F.gif 740x900 1035kB)
>>53009443 >23 >still feel like an idiot teenager WHEN DO I FEEL LIKE AN ADULT?

2 min later 53009464 Anonymous
>be 29 >still feel and act like 16 >haven't progressed in life career wise, relationships never happened, sex never happened When I walk by teenagers I keep thinking I'm on their level.

3 min later 53009475 Anonymous
>>53009464 also I'm only attracted to teenage girls. Adult women feel like they're "older" than me.

4 min later 53009484 Anonymous (13105065.jpg 640x519 98kB)
>>53009457 The time goes very fast.

6 min later 53009499 Anonymous (2cff75c2-4d06-4923-87c9-0964202f2ab6.gif 268x300 156kB)
>21 >feel old >all the young people are having fun while I'm here stuck all alone

13 min later 53009549 Anonymous
>>53009484 Why is he wearing a cap? Did he lose his pretty hair?

16 min later 53009572 Anonymous
>>53009443 >be 36 >feel like 80 My life is pain and suffering but I still feel sad it will end soon.

46 min later 53009816 Anonymous
>>53009443 \ Yeah I do, I age slow and still have 5 years to go until 40. I feel like 23 years old and look it, don't have the heart to say I'm 35. I'm not sure how to feel as a mid yoomer, technically the eldest are 42 now.

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