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2019-06-21 10:30 53009441 Anonymous (Dick Pic.jpg 4192x2356 1483kB)
Do any other robots have pierced wieners?

10 min later 53009527 Anonymous
how do you sexe with pierced wiener tho

11 min later 53009530 Anonymous
>>53009441 no I dont need to mutilate my dick further than the jews already did

12 min later 53009539 Anonymous (VID_20190325_022223_1.webm 712x400 1938kB)
I was thinking of getting bars on my shaft

12 min later 53009545 Anonymous
>>53009527 >robot >sex yeah try again

14 min later 53009554 Anonymous
>>53009545 what's the point of even having pierced wiener then, if no one's going to see it? i wouldn't pierce my dick just for myself

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