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2019-06-21 10:26 53009408 Anonymous Aqua appreciation thread (images (1).jpg 173x291 11kB)
Is she the prefect goddess?

58 min later 53009863 Anonymous
>>53009408 She is definitely an administrator, yes.

1 hours later 53010277 Anonymous
>>53009408 Didn't we also have an Aqua thread last night? OwO

1 hours later 53010295 Anonymous
>>53009408 No, she's not. She also dosen't look like that. The colors are all wrong.

2 hours later 53010322 Anonymous (1560982931733.jpg 667x1000 476kB)
I appreciate Darkness more

3 hours later 53010827 Anonymous (Aqua.(KonoSuba).240.1984647.jpg 170x240 20kB)
>>53009408 Aqua is the best girl

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