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2019-06-21 10:22 53009370 Anonymous (D65825FF-4B4C-4749-B3D4-17F83F644334.jpg 536x547 52kB)
How would death by nuke feel like

0 min later 53009378 Anonymous
Depends on how close you are to the nuke

1 min later 53009381 Anonymous
Depends on how close you are. Dying of radiation poisoning is not a death I would wish on anyone.

1 min later 53009383 Anonymous
>>53009378 >>53009381 Right inside the blast zone

2 min later 53009388 Anonymous
Heard its fast and slightly painful if it drops on you (the impact zone) but it would suck dick if you were further away from the blast's radius slowly dying from the radiation for a few minutes (what seems like eternity)

2 min later 53009394 Anonymous
>>53009383 Like nothing then. Your body would be vaporized in an instant.

2 min later 53009397 Anonymous
>>53009370 Like that scene from Terminator 2. You'd be incinerated.

3 min later 53009401 Anonymous
>>53009383 A direct hit should be instant ded, or at least too fast to perceive.

4 min later 53009411 Anonymous
>>53009370 Like brightest light you can imagine. Use your arms to cover your eyes from it and you'll see right through. Your bones and veins. Heat will follow after while pillar of steam raises to skies forming tower of ice and red ring around it, creating temporary day to night.

5 min later 53009414 Anonymous
>>53009383 Too fast to feel, you would be vaporized nearly instantaneously. The pain wouldn't have time to reach the nerves in your spine.

5 min later 53009418 Anonymous
>>53009411 how could something so dreadful be described so beautifully?

7 min later 53009429 Anonymous
>>53009418 Because great beauty is great power, and mortals cannot survive great power.

7 min later 53009431 Anonymous
Jesus imagine being in Hiroshima or Nagasaki when that shit happened. Must have been incredibly surreal. Straight out of some awful movie. A bomb dropped on you that you can't escape, and you WILL die

8 min later 53009439 Anonymous
>>53009429 Iet me suck ur dick

9 min later 53009450 Anonymous
>>53009439 How much you willing to pay me though

10 min later 53009459 Anonymous
>>53009450 1 blowjob originalio

11 min later 53009467 Anonymous
>>53009370 If youre in the fireball youre gone immediately Better hope that happens

12 min later 53009478 Anonymous
>>53009467 what if you're outside the blast zone far enough to survive

20 min later 53009532 Anonymous
>>53009478 >what if you're outside the blast zone far enough to survive This

27 min later 53009583 Anonymous
>>53009478 then you survive

27 min later 53009584 Anonymous
>>53009532 Radiation burns and cancer most likely.

28 min later 53009593 Anonymous
>>53009583 How would you die subsequenstly

34 min later 53009632 Anonymous
>>53009593 Well, if you're far enough to survive, you won't die from the nuke. If you were closer, but not at the blast radius, you would have some terrible radiation death.

37 min later 53009662 Anonymous
>>53009431 Daily reminder America is a terrorist threat to any and all who oppose it.

38 min later 53009670 Anonymous
>>53009662 If it wasnt america it would be canada, theres always the next superpower waiting to fill the vacuum

44 min later 53009720 Anonymous
>>53009584 It's only 3.6 Roentgen's, not great, not terrible.

58 min later 53009837 Anonymous
>>53009720 Chernobyls a good show

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