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2019-06-21 10:19 53009348 Anonymous (1440487763966.png 558x565 4kB)
>oh you hate women? No one cares or even knows. >You're gonna go your own way? oh.. ok... I guess good luck... >The sexual marketplace is fucked and standards are skewed? I dont know what you're talking about but alright, just chill to I'm trying to have a good time. >You've never held hands or interacted romantically with anyone before? *crickets* The most bitter part of the pill is that no one even cares. No one will be there to ask. Even when you pull your hair and scream no one will even notice. People will only turn if you murder people and that'll only last 7 seconds tops. Enjoy being worthless and unnoticable.

1 min later 53009360 Anonymous (7602ABB2-B9E7-4CCF-8F32-B336AA4523DF.png 350x271 127kB)
>>53009348 I dont hate women I hate everyone

6 min later 53009403 Anonymous
>>53009348 better dwell in nihlism OP, good luck with that life view.

9 min later 53009423 Anonymous
>>53009403 It's not a life view. It's reality. Statistically, the facts support OP. Divorce being the number one shining example of why male-female relationships are ruined.

9 min later 53009424 Anonymous
>>53009348 who cares if people notice you what are you a 16 year old girl?

47 min later 53009729 Anonymous
>>53009348 >Enjoy being worthless and unnoticeable I dont understand what the point of this thread was. Everyone already is worthless and unnoticeable from the beginning.

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