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2019-06-21 10:07 53009264 Anonymous (image.jpg 1090x830 712kB)
>2009 >made fun of midget porn as absolute degenerate filth >2019 >fap to midget porn what does this mean? where did it all go wrong?

1 hours later 53009813 Anonymous
It would be weird if you werent fapping to midget porn in 2019 tbqh senpai

1 hours later 53009946 Anonymous
>>53009264 i know that feel only that for me it`s tranny porn instead of midget port

1 hours later 53009963 Anonymous
>>53009264 It means you secretly wanted to fuck midgets all along.

1 hours later 53009976 Anonymous
well i thought i couldnt get lower than that but i fapped to dead bodies, so yeah, the longer you spend on the internet watching porn, the normal stuff will no longer appeal to you.

1 hours later 53009997 Anonymous
>>53009264 I want to find a cute curvy midget, I get off on the height difference why the fuck are they always so ugly

1 hours later 53010139 Anonymous
you finally got some taste bitch

2 hours later 53010216 Anonymous
>>53009976 Sounds hot anon. Where can I find sexy dead bod pics?

2 hours later 53010348 Anonymous
midget porn is p much legal cp so I guess you're a pedo

2 hours later 53010527 Anonymous
Who are your fave pornstars? I find they all have that weird midget face so I can't get into it

3 hours later 53010548 Anonymous
>>53009264 Go get TOPPED you are a homosexual and want to fuck a sissy

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