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2019-06-21 09:59 53009215 Anonymous (1540107071338.jpg 498x470 32kB)
>be me >go to shitty midwestern community college >try really hard to get gf >shower >salt my ears >drink protein shakes >still get called smelly and weird by stacies why even live bros.

2 min later 53009231 Anonymous
>>53009215 Nobody is forcing you to live

3 min later 53009233 Anonymous
>>53009215 >salt your ears Uhhh

11 min later 53009287 Anonymous
Add deodorant to your formula

48 min later 53009574 Anonymous
>>53009287 meh . I use hand sanitizer and it does the same thing pretty much

48 min later 53009577 Anonymous
>>53009215 >>salt my ears ????

55 min later 53009623 Anonymous
>>53009574 does your college have a sharing closet type thing? there are plenty of places to get stuff like that for free.

57 min later 53009637 Anonymous (1439597778110.jpg 429x410 107kB)
>salt my ears Hmm...

1 hours later 53009750 Anonymous
umm ehy the fuck do you salt your ears?

1 hours later 53009779 Anonymous
>>53009233 >>53009577 >>53009637 >>53009750 OP is trying to forcefully create a meme. It won't stick though.

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