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2019-06-21 09:59 53009208 Anonymous Who else here do literally nothing (images.jpg 321x157 8kB)
I don't have a job, I don't have friends(even online) or go outside. I'm not apart of any online community, I don't play games or consume media. Most of my experience with anime come from hentia. I don't even post on here that much despite being on here for 5 years. Are there others like me, do we have a name?

7 min later 53009254 Anonymous (1530923889551.jpg 456x434 102kB)
>>53009208 maybe stop saving fucking thumbnails and stop being a normalnigger starting threads with >who else off yourself you dumb fucking nigger. sage.

36 min later 53009487 Anonymous
>>53009208 So what do you acually DO all day then? Browse 4chan, eat, sleep and use the washroom?

2 hours later 53010289 Anonymous
>>53009208 i did for about 3 years. id browse the chan, sometimes go for walks. most of the time just stare at the ceiling. after meds(previous 7yrs), i now play boring vidya over and over, whatever i can find, i dont really get pleasure from it - it just passes the time, which is all i hope for now. right now that is apex legends, i dont care about winning or getting better, just passing the time. i think some philosopher fags said it best when they said that life is just chasing your wired instincts over and over to distract yourself from death. you either do that, and be a slave to every little whim and desire, what most people do. or you sit, be depressed, do nothing, but experience the "reality" of life and your situation, hopefully enough so you can kill yourself finally and escape. neither is better

2 hours later 53010305 Anonymous
I don't have a job but I have a gf and she's eating through my savings. I should get another job but I have zero ambition after quitting my last one. Still feel like shit when she's over and I can't do jack because i'm broke as fuck.

2 hours later 53010332 Anonymous
Their called NPCs

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