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2019-06-21 09:57 53009187 Anonymous (1560544950669.jpg 800x920 160kB)
>browsing rules because trying to avoid getting banned >see no guro or scat allowed on /d/ What the fuck? I swear that used to be allowed on the board, what happened?

1 min later 53009196 Anonymous
Scat isn't, but Ultra Scat is.

1 min later 53009198 kappu (66e1c651f9516bd62bab6834785a7063.jpg 500x670 96kB)
based pic anon also i usually find my guro stuff on gurobooru, you should just go there

2 min later 53009213 Anonymous
>>53009198 But wasn't it allowed? I swear to god it was, did I lose my mind?

4 min later 53009220 kappu (1544477084011.jpg 754x836 213kB)
>>53009198 idk dude maybe you were thinking of /trash/? that board has tons of weird shit

5 min later 53009228 Anonymous
>>53009220 Maybe I am wrong. Global rule 3 would seem to apply to /d/, I guess. But I know I remember seeing it on there a ton before.

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