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2019-06-21 09:48 53009125 Anonymous (7vtk8ey0foq11.jpg 500x500 49kB)
>all women are whores >I can't get laid

3 min later 53009156 Anonymous (smug kong.jpg 1280x1480 539kB)
>who're you quoting the post

6 min later 53009174 Anonymous
I sincerely don't care if girls are slutty or complete whores, if anything I kind of like it. I'm just MAD that they aren't being slutty with me

7 min later 53009182 Anonymous
>>53009125 whom ist thou quoting m'trap

10 min later 53009206 Anonymous
>>53009156 probably every other r9k thread ever unironically

1 hours later 53009826 Anonymous
>>53009125 I never understood this logic. Fuck like 9 out of 10 guys >you're the 1/10 that didn't get laid therefore not a slut like um... no sweetie, that's not how that works.

1 hours later 53009840 Anonymous
>>53009125 All women are whores for chad All posts below are ghey

1 hours later 53009847 Anonymous
>>53009840 this >>53009826 shut up whore

1 hours later 53009923 Anonymous (tumblr_o2ilw97P8L1utjx2ho1_400.png 400x463 164kB)
>>53009174 This couldn't be any more closer to my own feelings on the subject maaan

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