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2019-06-21 09:46 53009099 Anonymous (57155315_2266169226775418_1580230133053128704_n.jpg 466x960 141kB)
I'm convinced the whole eating ass trend is some big prank. I mean who seriously consider the idea of putting their tongue into someone's asshole? I just can't take it serious. I feel like most people are just pretending to do it to trick a couple of dumb fucks into actually licking someone's ass.

5 min later 53009153 Anonymous (Bc_JvRJIAAAAEX7.jpg 400x300 12kB)
>>53009099 I'd rather a fembot eat MY ass

8 min later 53009173 Anonymous
>>53009099 With a proper hygiene and preparations you can do to that without any harm to your or your partner's health. There is only a moral question of the action itself. "You can't unlick my butthole" and etc. I've answered your question?

21 min later 53009261 Anonymous
If she wants it, I do it. End of story.

22 min later 53009273 Anonymous
>>53009099 It is surprisingly a thing, but I don't think it's as widespread as people claim it to be. It does seem to mostly be a shitpost. Think the same way that feet has become such an absurdly prominent sexual trend.

22 min later 53009274 Anonymous
>>53009261 Enjoy your parasites and fecal matter you literal fucking animal.

48 min later 53009476 Anonymous (ansmnky6007.jpg 550x412 86kB)
>>53009173 OK, I can buy that. But does it TASTE LIKE SHIT? What is the appeal of mouth to asshole besides the filthiness and/or degradation of the licker? I'm not OP, but I am genuinely curious. I went the first thirty years of my life with zero mention of people putting their mouths to a rectum. Did assholes get delicious recently? Is this some kind of awesome secret they kept from us in the 90s?

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