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2019-06-21 09:45 53009095 Anonymous (1533063745515.jpg 240x240 13kB)
so when will life become better?

1 min later 53009109 Anonymous
>>53009095 when you make it better for yourself

1 min later 53009110 Anonymous (F7C37D72-4F71-45FD-8757-818FB938824B.jpg 1242x1958 1109kB)
>>53009095 Step 1: Stop being racist.

2 min later 53009113 Anonymous
after it ends, i guess

2 min later 53009114 Anonymous
>>53009095 When you are dead OP

2 min later 53009116 Anonymous
>>53009095 You're gonna be chad's boss one day, keep at it

2 min later 53009119 Anonymous (2puezjK.jpg 400x400 26kB)
I dont think its supposed to get better. I think it just gets gradually worse

3 min later 53009120 Anonymous
>>53009095 Never, unless you make it better yourself. Sorry for that, but it's the only way. Stay safe.

3 min later 53009122 Anonymous
>>53009095 Well, if you are a wagecuck, never. I am saving up and in two years it will be all over for me. Never have to work again

3 min later 53009126 Anonymous
When you start living

4 min later 53009130 Anonymous
>>53009095 when you choose it to be

6 min later 53009151 Anonymous
>>53009130 >>53009126 this shit deep fr fr

27 min later 53009303 Anonymous (419B1572-BDE6-41D0-8F4A-83FB058AC220.jpg 673x604 26kB)
When the nukes start flying and you accept your fate

42 min later 53009415 Anonymous (1548662002497.jpg 629x505 34kB)
>>53009095 It doesn't. Life is shit and were stuck here trying to make the best of it till we die.

50 min later 53009488 Anonymous
>>53009095 It never gets better unless you leave 4chan behind

1 hours later 53009786 Anonymous
>>53009095 Don't have any hope, it just makes things worse

2 hours later 53010247 Anonymous
>>53009095 When you make it better. Are you working towards bettering your life?

2 hours later 53010352 Anonymous
>>53009095 >so when will life become better? It never really does. It does improve from time to time but then everything comes crashing down again and you wonder why you bothered living for so long I thought I was a weirdo for failing over and over again but it turns out that's just life

2 hours later 53010416 Anonymous
>>53009095 Eventually anon give it time.

3 hours later 53010439 Anonymous (Skull of Regret - you forgot the straws.jpg 650x2047 624kB)
>>53009095 >so when will life become better? Depends, what are your long term goals, and what is your plan to get there?

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