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2019-06-21 09:43 53009076 Anonymous (Qyz9zC6.png 1080x1920 225kB)
>he won't pay for my dinner

7 min later 53009147 Anonymous
>>53009076 one time i got the runaround from a girl who went back to her ex. she actually messages me months later and apologizes, telling me she's sorry she hurt me and wants to try again. i wasn't rude even though i had every right to be. but it still felt really good telling her to basically fuck off.

10 min later 53009172 Anonymous (631a9d5e6f0e8ff5aab9ce7110446b19--sad-girl-sad-anime-girl.jpg 500x540 40kB)
>>53009076 bluepilled response from the screenshotfag, he should've been way harsher and was rightfully called a cuck.

21 min later 53009245 Anonymous
>>53009172 You can get banned from tinder from being harsh on bitches I have to change my number or pay for a VPN service to use tinder now and it sucks

22 min later 53009248 Anonymous
>>53009245 she's going to report you and get you shadowbanned anyway lol fuck tinder

27 min later 53009285 Anonymous
>>53009245 sucks, i didn't know since i never used it but i understand - thanks OP.

31 min later 53009316 Anonymous
Why didn't he unmatch her after the first time

1 hours later 53009628 Anonymous
>>53009147 im Happy for you anon. in almost the same boat here Hope the same thing will happen to me in the next few months/years

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