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2019-06-21 09:21 53008894 Anonymous (1384673986255.jpg 1440x810 237kB)
It is very easy to measure the length and girth of a penis. It is also plain as day roughly how large a penis is to everyone who sees it. Not so with a vagina. Are there any consumer-level tools we can buy to measure the depth and tightness of a vagina? It is, after all, equally important. t. actually a woman and a "true" feminist, and I want to know what I have to offer

0 min later 53008898 Anonymous
you already have measurements, three in fact

3 min later 53008921 Anonymous
>>53008894 >It is, after all, equally important. I don't think so. Even if you did measure it, the average guy wouldn't know how to evaluate those measurements.

9 min later 53008980 Anonymous (1392657899405.jpg 2560x1920 777kB)
>>53008921 >Even if you did measure it, the average guy wouldn't know how to evaluate those measurements. But is that not what needs to change with our culture for it to be more equal in this regard?

22 min later 53009077 Anonymous
>>53008980 You might have to change biology too

42 min later 53009243 Anonymous
Depth you could measure with a caliper, or get a stainless dildo and put markings on it. Probably would want to measure depth with zero pressure and depth with some certain set pressure pushing the dildo inwards, could make a spring loaded mechanism to make it reproducable. Tightness, robust balloon filled with a constant volume of fluid and measure pressure with a manometer.

1 hours later 53009520 Anonymous
>>53008980 I don't see why this needs to change. Men and women enjoy the same rights except when biological differences apply. Trying to equalize biology got us into the mess we are in.

1 hours later 53009543 Anonymous
why would you need to measure depth? are people out here trying to have the biggest vagina?

1 hours later 53009620 Anonymous
>>53008894 because vaginas stretch there is no fixed size retard

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